HUMANKIND Update Patch Notes

The latest update for HUMANKIND has brought with it a new planet, the battle of Triton and more!

The “humankind patch notes” is a game that has been around for quite some time now. The developers have released an update for the game, which includes new content and fixes.


The newest Humankind update, version, has been published, and we have the full list of changes for you to read. Today, November 3, 2021, is the first day of the next patch.

Many gamers have reported in-game glitches and difficulties since the last release. Known problems should now be resolved with this new Humankind patch. Check out the full release notes below to learn more about the changes in this new edition.

Patch Notes for Humankind Update

Additions and Modifications

  • A color picker has been added to the game settings, enabling you to choose the color of the subtitles and the Empire colors.
  • Players may now choose how many Strategic and Luxury Resources should emerge in their planet from the World Generation list.
  • When choosing opponents, there is now a “random AI Persona” option.
  • Variations of pictures for Common Units have been added.
  • A monthly challenge system has been added.
  • Modifications were made. support for io
  • Flat benefits granted to AIs on higher difficulties did not scale with game speed, resulting in Hard AIs being weaker at slower speeds and stronger at faster speeds. The game speed factor now scales flat FIMS boosts offered to AIs.
  • Main Plaza’s Influence production has been increased from 3 to 6.
  • Reduced the influence of population bonuses in “Wireless Telegraphy” and “Mass Entertainment” technologies from 2 to 1.
  • The cost of implementing Civics has been changed to scale more quickly with the number of enacted Civics.
  • Aesthete Empires might spend money on official propaganda to counter foreign influence or boost their reputation.
  • The tooltip for the Local Pollution impact has been improved.
  • The cost of moving across Lake Baikal tiles has been reduced to one.
  • Shamanism has improved. Tenet’s decision.
  • The required number of Territories for each Expansionist Era Star has been changed based on the number of Territories on the map and the Empire’s Era (the lower the number of Territories on the map, the lower the number of Territories needed). * Furthermore, regardless of the map size, the Era Star objectives for Ancient Era remain the same.
  • Balancing Cultures:
    • Turks: The adjacency benefit is now adjusted at +5% of District Science production every neighboring Research Quarter, as it should be (instead of 300 percent ). Instead of one science per city population, the district now creates one science every food workplace.
    • When the City is in Science Mode, the French Emblematic District now just applies its “Science per Population” advantage.
    • Huns and Mongols: Raise the expense of creating a four-unit horde to equal the cost of producing a single unit four times (converted to Influence through buyout formula). Horse resources are required for Horde Units (instead of 1).
    • Harappans: The Emblematic District adjacency advantage has been reduced to +2 per Food District (it was formerly +3).
    • Khmer: Removed the Emblematic District’s 1 Industry per Population impact. The Khmer Baray now has a +4 bonus for each nearby river.
    • Franks: Instead of nearby Districts, the Scriptorium’s synergy boost now only applies to adjacent Research Quarters.
    • The Legacy Trait now provides a -25% research cost on “Fishing” and “Sailing” Technologies for Phoenicians.
    • The research cost for “Imperial Power” Technology has been reduced by 25% in Romans: the Legacy Trait.
  • Balancing the Neolithic Era:
    • Food gain from Animal Lair has been reduced from 20 to 5 food.
    • Mammoth Combat Strength has been increased from 13 to 14.
    • Scout, Harappan Runner, and Scout Cavalry Upkeep has been increased from 0 to 1.
    • In the early Ancient Era, a little 5 Money buffer was added to Unit Upkeep to provide players some breathing space.
  • Balancing Civics:
    • Choice impacts for “Scientific Facts”: 1% Science each Holy Site or +1 Faith / Stability every Research Quarter. “Have 1 Holy Site” has been added to the event’s requirements.
    • “Religious Minorities”: Increased the Stability benefit per territory under the influence of a foreign religion to +10.
    • “Slaves”: “War Slaves” grants Military Districts extra Influence and Production.
    • “Nuclear Weapons”: “Nuclear Disarmament” now decreases the basic War Support against you by 20, making it more difficult for others to build up War Support against you. Gain a 10% boost in fame.
    • “Cultural Blessing”: Increased the amount of influence in all cities and administrative centers OR increased the amount of influence in the cities and administrative centers of assimilated people.
    • “Artistic Expression”: Unlocked Infrastructure impacts are now per adjacency rather than flat.
    • “Press Freedom”: Choice effects now either hinder or quicken the rate at which cities’ stability fluctuates.
    • “Political Entitlement”: “Aristocracy” now gives Emblematic Units a +1 Combat Strength boost.
    • “Political Influence”: Cost discounts are now available for Emblematic Districts, Units, and Cultural Wonders.
    • “Monarchy Power”: Purchase cost reductions are now available for either Units or Districts.
  • Slowing down of a late-stage snowball:
    • The quadratic growth component of population consumption has been strengthened, while the linear cost rise has been reduced.
    • Added a second exponential component to accelerate the growth of District building expenses as people increase.
    • For the Medieval Era and upwards, a separate scaling factor was used based on previously discovered Technologies on Tech Tier prices.
  • The game speed scale is used to calculate the unit upkeep allowance.
  • Upkeep Reduction has been moved to be more evident in terms of financial effect.
  • Upkeep discount for large armies has been removed.

Fixes that are critical

  • Under some settings, a stuck scenario during the final turn was experienced during multiplayer gaming.
  • Due to several narrative events, a stuck state was observed during combat. This was fixed.
  • When a hostile Unit is on the Territory of the player’s initial Outpost, a stuck scenario is no longer faced.
  • Fixed an issue when the dismantling of a Nuclear Test District resulted in a stranded state.
  • Pollution caused a stuck scenario during end turns under certain situations, which has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the destruction of Ruins under certain situations caused a stuck situation at the conclusion of the round.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a stuck situation on the end game screen in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a stuck state on unassigned Population in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue in which deploying a nuclear bomb in a multiplayer game caused the game to crash for all players watching the cinematic under certain circumstances.
  • When concluding a turn under specified situations linked to the employment of Nuclear Weapons, several errors were created for all Human Empires.
  • Under some scenarios, the game might crash while upgrading Districts into or out of Artificial Deposits.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Concede” option in the “The Hard-Knock Life” narrative event caused a series of problems.

Other Repairs


  • Fixed an issue where the texture of the Industrial Era city wild life began to flicker after a while.
  • After constructing an Infrastructure and an Emblematic Unit, the narrator voicelines looped.
  • When choosing one of the “Independent People” Resources from the “Resources and Trade” menu under certain situations, an error was issued.
  • Under some scenarios, the player was able to apply “Buyout with Population” on Shared Projects in the City Constructions panel with no effect.
  • From the Ancient Era forward, a bug was fixed that allowed Empires to emit pollution.
  • The World Wrap option no longer impacted Trade connections, forcing them to wrap around the globe.
  • When the mouse was hovered over the “Fission Test” Shared Project under certain circumstances, an error was created.
  • Multiple errors were created when establishing an Outpost in the Industrial Era under certain situations, which was fixed.
  • When trying to Claim Territory under certain circumstances, an error was issued.
  • Multiple errors were issued when certain criteria were met while clicking on the “Independent People City” pin.
  • If the Silo was destroyed and rebuilt in the same round, debug messages appeared under the tooltip of the “Buyout” button for Nuclear Missiles.


  • Siege Units were unable to assault empty fortified Tiles due to a bug.
  • Players may no longer siege a City encased by Ruins, rendering Cities immune to the Siege feature.
  • Errors were caused when Naval Units were deployed on land, and this was fixed.
  • During a naval engagement, Embarked Units might get the “Dug-In” state. This has been fixed.
  • When withdrawing from a Siege during a multiplayer session, a problem with several failures was fixed.
  • Multiple errors were caused when the player transferred units from one army to another under certain situations, which was fixed.
  • When an Empire is destroyed with a bomb from a “Nuclear Strike,” many errors are produced. This has been fixed.
  • The sound effect that plays when you choose the “Instant Resolution” option to engage a combat is no longer controlled by the master volume.
  • Fixed an issue where certain situations caused issues while launching the fight screen.
  • Multiple errors were created while accessing an ongoing Siege combat under certain situations, which was fixed.
  • Under some situations, components in combat mode might flicker. This has been fixed.
  • An issue where an annexation might be disrupted by changing the target into a city has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic termination of a combat round was not prevented if deploying units were still present.
  • There was a bug where the elimination countdown may lead to an indefinite siege.
  • Fixed a bug where embarked gunships became much stronger.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Fields of Gold” Legagy Trait allowed negative Growth to be amplified.
  • When a hostile Army was annexing the Evolve Outpost, debug text was shown in the tooltip. This was fixed.
  • When Siege Weapons were not studied, debug messages appeared in the Siege panel. This was fixed.


  • While the Peaceful Mode was active, AI Empires assaulted the armies of other Empires.
  • Fixed an issue where AI was robbing its own District when the rest of the city was under siege.


  • Fixed an issue where Empires in an Alliance would lose War Support each round if their base value fell below a certain threshold.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would appear when you opened the “Treaties” page when at war with another empire under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Oppressing My People” grievance never expired, despite the fact that it always showed 10 turns remaining.
  • An error was created when an Empire accepted the player’s surrender terms under specified situations, which was fixed.
  • The “surrender terms” find buttons were no longer working for suggested phrases due to a bug.
  • Fixed an issue where the player received an error when they clicked the “Acknowledge” button on a “Demand Received” message under certain circumstances.
  • Debug text was included in the tooltip for the diplomatic history close button, which was fixed.
  • When hovering over the Empires listed under the Peace category in the “Their Relations” panel from the Diplomatic Relations screen, debug text was shown.
  • Debug text was shown in the “Set us Free” Grievance demand for Vassals, which was fixed.
  • Rapid hair movement glitched on several of the hairstyles for a certain Avatar, which has been fixed.
  • The diplomatic log entries no longer solely include information regarding one Empire War Support.
  • Fix for a problem where the Treaties highlight remained visible after they were accepted.


  • Fixed a problem where the Civics option “War Slaves” was not working.
  • When opening the Religion panel with Alt+5, the Religion mode information was not shown. This has been fixed.
  • After achieving the conditions, the “Cultural Blessing” Civic no longer does not unlock.
  • In certain circumstances, debug text appeared in the Confirm Religion renaming tooltip. This has been fixed.


  • When an AI Empire wins a Siege against an Independent People, the narrative event “A Hollow Victory” was wrongly triggered for the player.
  • In the description of the “Based on a real tale” I and II events, the Empire name was shown instead of the Natural Wonder and City names.
  • Fixed an issue where certain narrative events might refer to variables with null targets (for example, “The Darkest Depths II”).
  • Debug text was shown in the “Envious Eye” event description, which was fixed.
  • Natural Wonder names were not appearing in narrative events due to a bug.

Editor of Maps

  • Fixed an issue where the Map Editor’s World Wrap option could not be disabled.
  • Spawn Points were already set on new maps after loading a saved map containing Spawn Points, which was fixed.
  • A bug where player-created maps had a set number of Empires of 8 was corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Open destination folder” button in the “Save as” section had no tooltip.
  • There is now a clear overview of all Resource Deposits that have been deposited.
  • The highlight of Rivers in Map Editor will no longer be visible once the player uses the Undo option.
  • If the player stacks Natural Wonders on top of each other, the texture of the Natural Wonders will be partly visible.
  • The RMB no longer copies the texture of a single Tile instead of the whole Natural Wonder.
  • Fixed an issue where the player may install terrain elements on top of Natural Wonders Tiles.
  • When there are improper Starting Points, insufficient Territories, and no Continent, a debug letter is shown for player-created maps.
  • Debug text was shown in the map warning tooltip for multiple validation failure flags, which was fixed.

Mac OS

  • An problem with graphical corruption on landscape Tiles with tree 3D models has been resolved.
  • In the Empire and Diplomacy displays, significant graphical corruption was revealed for the Avatar movement and backdrop.
  • In the Diplomacy mode, a problem with graphical corruption for shown Trade Routes was fixed.


  • Fixed a bug where the “Locate event” button on the “Territory Stealing” notice didn’t work.
  • Backspace now deletes just one character in the World Generation Seed text box, which was previously a problem.
  • The End Game screen’s summary was locked on the Era in which the player got a Competitive Spirit Era Star until it was fixed.
  • After a zoom/dezoom during the collected animation, the gathered Curiosity pins were no longer visible.
  • Debug text was shown for the Persona collection refresh button tooltip and status messages, which was fixed.
  • Multiple text mistakes were presented in the Games2Gether Share tools description and the share button tooltip due to a bug.
  • In the Community screen, a text error was presented in the tooltip for the Upload button for Your AI Persona.
  • When engaging with the chat button, there was no auditory feedback. This was fixed.


  • If the session is stopped, the Era Star achievement progress will be reset.
  • Fixed an issue where no picture for the AI personalities uploaded to the G2G account was shown in the Community page.
  • When closing the Humankind Encyclopedia under certain circumstances, an error message was issued.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Humankind Encyclopedia” feature could no longer be accessible if the player’s internet connection had previously been dropped during a session.
  • If the player’s first building is not a District, an issue with misleading information in the “Construction Cost” instruction was fixed.
  • In the “Instruction Videos” tutorial, a bug was fixed that caused misleading information to be presented.
  • When the “Rail Travel Unlocked” lesson was triggered, an error message was issued. This has been fixed.
  • When the “Cities” lesson was activated, an error message was issued. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Exit Game” button on the FTUX screen’s Tutorials menu was not working.
  • When closing the Game options menu under certain circumstances, an error would be produced.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Exclusive Fullscreen” option in the Settings screen showed a text error.
  • When a hostile Army annexes the Outpost, a text error is presented in the Evolve Outpost tooltip. This has been fixed.
  • After adopting civic osmosis requests, the accomplishment “They know not what they ask” could no longer be attained.
  • Fixed an issue where players may get the “Talk to the Hand” accomplishment even if they didn’t satisfy the requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement “Culture Vulture” was unlocked without satisfying the requirements.
  • When the prerequisites were met, the “Falling Out” achievement was not unlocked. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where players may get both the “From zero to hero” and “Pacesetter” awards in the same session.
  • Fixed an issue where you may get the achievement “The meek shall inherit the world” after declaring war in a session.
  • When the prerequisites were met, the achievement “Landstalker” was not unlocked. This has since been fixed.
  • When playing on a Huge area with 8 other AI, the user was able to obtain the “Lord of the Flies” achievement.


The “humankind patch notes august 28” is a new update for HUMANKIND. The update includes the following changes:

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