It’s been a while- Reviews From a New Player: Tiger (P)

I have been so excited to bring you a new player review on my blog. I’ve had Tiger for about 3 days now and it is already one of my favorite cards in the game. He’s really powerful, but also has some weaknesses that are easy to exploit if your opponent knows what they’re doing. Let’s dive into his strengths and see how he stacks up against other top tier players!

The “my google reviews” is a blog post from a new player, who has been playing Tiger (P) for a while. The player discusses their thoughts on the game, and also talks about some of the things they have learned during their time playing it.


Another tank evaluation from a new player! I claimed maybe three weeks ago that I’d have a tank review “very soon,” and although I was a little late to get it out owing to some life events, it’s now here. Now let’s get down to business.

The Tiger is a powerful animal (P)


Isn’t it a bit of an oddity?

The Tiger (P) is the mysterious and sometimes overshadowed younger brother of the Tiger 1. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating vehicle and its history, go here). This tank is effectively the core of the battle, a slower and more highly armored variant of the Tiger 1, elements that will be discussed in further detail later in the review. When completely updated, it operates admirably/consistently, earning me mastery and high grades so far.


The Gun

This tank comes with four different guns: a 75mm with 135 alpha and 150mm of AP pen, a 105mm derp gun with only 64mm of AP pen doing 350 alpha, and two different 88mm guns, a short barreled one with 145mm pen and 240 alpha, and a long barreled one with the same damage but a much higher AP pen of 203mm. If you don’t want to be a liability to your squad, this tank should ALWAYS be equipped with the top (long 88) 88mm gun when completely upgraded. Being at tier 7, a tier of tanks that frequently sees tier 9s (unless we’re lucky enough to be playing on a +1/-1 weekend), having the right gun with enough penetration to cut through both medium and heavy tanks at the same or higher tiers than you is especially important, or you’ll end up doing 0 damage and becoming a liability rather than an asset. That so, 203mm is a decent amount of penetration for a tier 7 heavy, even more so than other similar heavies like the T29 and IS. The reload time is average at 8.6 seconds, however it may be reduced with crew abilities.



This Tiger differs from its siblings in that it possesses useable armour that does not need angling in order to function. Instead of the Tiger 1’s flat 100mm front plates, the Tiger (Ptop )’s plates have nearly 200mm of frontal hull armour, albeit the weaker bottom plate is a weakspot that opponents would often target. This armour looks best when facing attackers directly or at a slight slant. The turret front features a robust gun mantlet in addition to 100mm of frontal turret armour, but this only encourages people to aim for and easily penetrate the weak turret hatch, which is why I suggest continually moving back and forth to make it tougher for adversaries to effectively aim at the hatch. Try not to display the sides or back of the tank, or everyone will be able to pierce it.



The Tiger (P) has 1450 HP when completely upgraded with the top turret, which is a good number for a tier 7 heavy tank. There are no complaints here.



As one would assume, having greater armour than the Tiger 1 means the Tiger (P) has far less mobility. The 670 horsepower engine has a peak speed of 35 kilometers per hour, although it seldom achieves that pace; instead, it normally travels at 30 kilometers per hour. The tank’s traverse speed of 23 degrees per second isn’t great, and it makes it seem sluggish. Because of its lack of mobility, it’s difficult to reposition fast, which is something the Tiger 1 excels at.



The Tiger (P) is a decent tank; I’d say it’s somewhat above ordinary, but not exceptional. Its strongest qualities include a high-penetration cannon and excellent frontal armour, albeit it does have some significant flaws, such as a lack of mobility. I’ve liked grinding my way through it (and I’ll be grinding for a long time since there are three tanks that branch off of it). It’s not a tank I’d suggest in particular; it’s just a little distinctive and intriguing tier 7 German heavy. I would recommend this tank to all types of gamers, both new and veteran. You can drive this metal box if you know how to conduct fundamental motions like drive, shoot, and angle.

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