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Final Fantasy VIII required a lengthy time to be remastered to meet contemporary standards.

It was trapped in the vintage limbo of either the 1999 PlayStation original – or the now-antiquated 2000 PC version – for a long time.

It wasn’t until 2019 that the game was remastered and made accessible to a new generation of gamers.

As a result, many individuals will be playing the game for the first time. And having some assistance while beginning anything new is always beneficial.

So, here are our Final Fantasy VIII recommendations to help you get your journey started properly (or to improve an adventure that is already underway)!


10. As soon as can, learn Mug

Battle for mugging / FF8 Remastered

Squall’s group will be given a Magical Lamp a few hours into the game, just before embarking on the first major stage of your adventure.

When you use this prominent item from the menu, you will be pitted against the Guardian Force Diabolos.

When you defeat him, he joins your GF arsenal and teaches you a highly valuable ability:


Mug is a regular attack that also steals in Final Fantasy VIII, and it is the only method to do so.

Items are extremely essential, since they serve a function in almost every aspect of character development, and opponents always carry something with them.

You’ll have at least double the quantity of items on a normal playing if you learn Mug as soon as possible (and keep it equipped to Squall).

As a result, there are a lot of spells and abilities to choose from.


9. Maintain several backups

Loading Save Files / FF8 Remastered

Unlike the PS1 version from 1999, this remastered edition has almost unlimited save spaces.

You should make advantage of them.

Yes, the game saves itself. But only on rare occasions.

Having several saves handy comes in handy if you forget to sketch anything from a boss, want to rewatch a scenario, or just want to replay a section of the game.

There’s a lot to see here. Unfortunately, there’s a lot to be missed.

Keeping several saves from various times and locations can save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long run.


8. Weapons may be manufactured without the need of a magazine.

Getting April Weapons Monthly Issue / FF8 Screenshot

Weapons Monthly issues may be found throughout the game.

These magazines offer information about the world’s newest and most advanced weaponry (which thankfully are also all used by your party members).

They inform you what materials you’ll need to make the weapons, so you can go out and get them.

But there’s one trick the game doesn’t tell you about:

You are not required to read the magazine.

Sure, they’re useful for learning. The weapon will appear in the weapon store menu if you have all of the necessary components.

You may take advantage of this to acquire stronger weapons early on, including Squall’s ultimate gunblade before the first act ends.


7. First, learn to refine your abilities.

In-game battle Screenshot / FF8 Remastered

It may be daunting to look at the long list of skills to learn when you receive a new GF, particularly the ones that cost a lot of AP.

It’ll be natural for you to prioritize the Junction and Command skills. And I understand!

However, it is much more essential to master the utilitarian skills initially.

Everything else may be postponed.

You can refine (RF) powers to change something into something else.

Items, such as ammunition and restoratives, may be transformed into more powerful magic, and magic can be transformed into more powerful magic.

Most significantly, things may be converted into magic, which means that all of the trash you gather along the way can be turned into spells that give you an advantage in combat.

Every Guardian Force has the potential to refine.

It’s usually a good idea to learn them first.


6. Don’t Forget to Take SeeD Exams!

SeeD Exam NPCs Screenshot / FF8 Remastered

In comparison to its contemporaries, Gil in Final Fantasy VIII is a considerably more restricted resource.

Enemies no longer drop any, and selling items doesn’t become a viable source of the item until late in the game, when you have a lot of refining and shop-price changing skills.

So, how does a young SeeD make ends meet?

By way of their SeeD pay!

You’ll get paid occasionally as you move about, based on the amount of steps you’ve made (the formula is randomized).

The amount you get compensated is determined on your SeeD level.

While there are other methods to increase this, written examinations are the most dependable.

The TEST option is tucked away in the ‘Tutorial’ portion of the options.

You’ll be given a 10-question exam on different game elements once you arrive.

Every time you pass a test, you advance in rank and earn more money.

Because the game only mentions this exam once and never again, it’s critical that you remember it and take a couple when you get the chance (and patience).


5. Each Magic Junction is unique in its own way.

Squall junction menu / FF8 Remastered

One of the major aspects of Final Fantasy VIII that I notice a lot of people miss is that when it comes to stat increases, magic has drastically different stat boosts.

This is particularly true early on in the game, when you have to ‘make do’ with your junctions due to a lack of magic.

And this mindset persists even when you have a lot of it.

Curative magics are better for HP junctioning, whereas status-affecting magics are better for things like Speed and Spirit.

It’s crucial to keep these preferences in mind while you explore, and to modify your junctions as needed – or even to create magic that might be a better match.


4. Cards may be used for almost anything.

Card Draw in battle / FF8 Remastered

The Card Mod ability becomes accessible after learning the Card ability with the GF Quetzalcoatl.

One of the most significant abilities in the game is the capacity to refine.

Card Mod allows you to transform your Triple Trial cards into objects and spells, many of which are uncommon and expensive.

It’s always worth examining what your extra cards can buy you – or even going out to play for rare cards to acquire the things you need.

Card Mod may also completely ruin the game for you if you really want to!

Before even going to Timber, it’s possible to acquire over 5000 HP.

If you take use of your cards and what they can be modified into (there are plenty of tutorials online if you’re looking for anything particular), getting Squall’s ultimate weapon or spells typically reserved for endgame is a piece of cake.


3. Keep the Point of No Return in mind

Lunatic Pandora / FF8 Remastered

The environment changes dramatically at one point in the game, and many places, goods, and side missions become inaccessible.

Because it was the conclusion of disc 3 and the beginning of disc 4, this location was a lot simpler to see in 1999.

There is no disc swapping in the contemporary day.

So all you have to do is ‘know’ when the point is and wait until you’re ready to cross it.

The Lunatic Pandora is the point of no return.

And if none of it makes sense to you, that’s OK.

Keep it in mind so that when it does make sense, you’ll know to pause your narrative and go investigate the environment as much as possible.

It’s depressing to discover you’ve crossed the barrier without realizing it and are now shut out of everything.


2. Always be prepared to draw

Drawing ability in battle / FF8 Remastered

One of the most basic Command Abilities is the Draw command.

It enables the user to draw magic (and sometimes other things) from opponents during combat.

It’s critical to maintain this command on at least one of your party members at all times so you don’t miss out on new and potentially powerful spells.

Keep Draw on the party member with the highest magic stat if you can.

You’ll get the most stock out of each draw this way.

A lot of bosses have Guardian Forces in their draw lists, and it’s a shame to lose out on them simply because no one else in the squad can utilize them.


1. You Choose the Level of Difficulty

Squall and group screenshot / FF8 Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII is generally regarded as one of the series’ easier games.

This is related to the nature of the junction system, which is its most basic mechanism.

Within the first few hours, the game may be reduced to a simple “press X to win” experience.

Even if you don’t go out of your way, keeping up with magic and weaponry prevents the game from being too frustrating.

However, many people miss the fact that, although the junction system and its inherent faults may make the game ridiculously simple, they can also make it ridiculously difficult.

Because of the disparity between the two difficulties (and the space between them), you get to choose how tough of an experience you want.

You want things to be simple? Get Lionheart and 100 Curagas for your HP as soon as possible.

Do you want it to be difficult? Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever

You have a lot of influence on your experience (more or less).

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