Toy Soldiers HD Beginner’s Guide and Tips

A new way to play with your favorite toy soldiers has been introduced. Toy Soldiers HD is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to control armies of toy soldiers and battle it out on a hexagonal board.

The toy soldiers complete mods guide is a beginner’s guide to the game. It includes tips for beginners, as well as how to get started with modding.

The reboot of Toy Soldiers has finally come, and if you’re new to the game, this tutorial will teach you how to get started with the fundamental tips and techniques. Of course, you should familiarize yourself with the controls of Toy Soldiers HD. Then read the Toy Soldiers HD beginner’s tutorial below.


  1. Prevent the adversary from gaining access to your Toy Box! If the health of your Toy Box hits 0, the fight is lost.
  2. The top of the screen displays incoming waves of enemy troops.
  3. You may spend more money on defenses if you destroy opposing troops.

Turrets are erected.

To eliminate enemy waves, click on a platform with your mouse and construct Defensive Turrents on that platform.

Howitzers that rotate

  1. Although howitzers have a great range, they must be directed at the adversary.
  2. To modify the field of fire of the Howitzers, rotate them left and right.
  3. An adversary cannot target a Howitzer if it is too near to it.

Creating Waves

  1. The majority of Waves have a countdown before they launch; however, this may be bypassed.
  2. You get more money if you launch Waves faster.

Turrets in Action

  1. To obtain more choices, choose a Turrent. Repair broken turrets, sell it to put down a different turret, or use it to kill the enemy yourself!
  2. You can shoot at anything you want if you utilize a turret.
  3. Hold down the fire button to direct artillery and mortar rounds towards the opponent.


  1. When you destroy an opponent while utilizing a turret, your Barrage Meter fills up.
  2. The button to activate the Barrage will display when the meter is full.
  3. In a sequence of explosions, a Barrage harms opponents all over the battlefield.

Guys who are launching

  1. You may launch a friendly Wave while employing Artillery or Mortars.
  2. Your soldiers will battle the opposing infantry and advance to the enemy base.
  3. Your Toy Box will be repaired if they live long enough to reach the opposing base.

Vehicle Operation

  1. Friendly vehicles such as aircraft, bombers, and tanks may be found on certain levels.
  2. Use these vehicles in the same way as you would a turret.
  3. Vehicles that are friendly are very strong weapons.

Controls that are more advanced

  1. Using the left, right, and up direction buttons, these are shortcuts for Repair, Sell, and Use.
  2. With the left and right directional buttons, you may travel between your defenses while in a turret.
  3. Each stage has a cameraman that you may utilize to see a soldier’s perspective on the fight.

High Scores and Medals

  1. You may get a rank at each stage. Take less toybox damage and earn more money to advance in rank.
  2. You get a larger bonus at the end of the level if you are more efficient with your money.
  3. Get the best score possible!


  1. Attempt to decrease your opponent’s Toy Box health to 0% before they demolish yours in multiplayer.
  2. Launch several waves to take advantage of your opponent’s defenses.
  3. To win, you must destroy their defenses while defending your own.

Survival Mode is a game where you have to survive

  1. You may replay a level in survivor mode after you’ve won it the first time.
  2. The enemy waves in survival mode never stop coming. You will get extra points if you can survive longer.
  3. Throughout the fight, more Waves are introduced. When a wave repeats itself, it becomes more powerful.

The toy soldiers pcgamingwiki is a wiki that provides tips and tricks for the game. It also includes information on how to get started in the game.

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