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Breakwaters – A Promising Survival Game That Needs More Time

Breakwaters is a promising survival game that needs more time to develop. With many features still in the works, this team has an ambitious goal: create a collaborative multiplayer experience blending narrative and gameplay ideal for VR headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Breakwaters is a survival game that has been in the works for a while now. It’s promising, but needs more time to be polished and released.


Breakwaters is a new action-adventure game created and released by Soaring Pixel Games, a small firm with just five members. Breakwaters is their newest project, and it’s available now on Steam in Early Access, where the developer plans to continue developing the game in response to user input. This is our assessment of Breakwaters’ Early Access release, in which we use yellow crystals to manipulate water and battle massive giants. Breakwaters is still in Early Access at the time of this article’s publishing, therefore this review reflects the game’s current condition.

Because you didn’t crash on an island, Breakwaters isn’t really a survival game. It is, at its heart, a crafting sim in which you must manufacture different items in order to exist in the environment, but the title’s plot requires you to research the numerous titans and their connections to the planet of Breakwaters. Breakwaters is a procedurally generated universe, which means that each time you start the game, you will be presented with a fresh world to explore. At the start of the game, you may create a basic character, and you also have the option of naming your universe. Aside from that, the game will create a universe for you, which you may join and play alone or with your buddies.


The incredible water design and dynamics set Breakwaters different from other craft-and-survive games. You get to truly play with water as you utilize yellow crystals to displace water and move it about as you choose. Because you’re on a series of islands, there’s obviously a lot of water in the game. As you go through the game, you’ll find that each area has giant Titans that have a significant impact on water levels, so even if you’re on an island, it will often get buried as water levels rise and fall.

You’ll start manufacturing and laying down water crystals to assist you control water as you continue to make and lay down different objects for your usage. You can utilize special crystals to call in water as well as remove and add water to your structures or buildings on command, allowing you to remove and add water to your structures or buildings on demand. When you first start the game, you are alone on the island with another random NPC who takes you through what you need to do next, and as you accomplish tasks, you learn how the crystals function, what old runes mean, and how the Titans are tied to the planet.


You have enormous swaths of land and big amounts of water to explore and gather different resources. You begin by creating basic goods such as tools for gathering materials, a workbench, and other stuff that will assist you in creating a fully functional house for yourself with numerous amenities. Only a few resources are available on land, while more uncommon resources can only be obtained underwater, therefore you’ll have to displace water often to get your hands on those varied resources underwater. You can’t gather resources in the water since you can’t swim, so you’ll have to shift the water around to acquire them.

Apart from the functionality, you may utilize this to decorate your community by using a walkway between water to construct walkways to your amenities. The construction possibilities are limited at this time, but you may design your own home, construct different items for it, and decorate it. Since the game is still in early access, I’m certain that more constructible buildings and items will be added in the future, thus expanding the crafting part of the game. You have a lot of tools, walls, homes, wood buildings, and stone structures in the game right now that you can create if you can gather the necessary ingredients. The game is set up in such a way that the Titans will wreck havoc, and you will then assist the locals in getting back on their feet. The mission-based tale is present, and it uses missions to teach you to the game elements.


While the tale isn’t very engaging, you must swiftly follow and accomplish tasks before moving on to your crafting, since many mechanics are hidden behind the early missions, and you can only make, even some of the most basic goods, until you’ve completed a few of them. However, the open-world concept that the devs are striving for will be aided if rudimentary crafting is enabled early in the game, at least for simple objects like a cooking station for preparing your meals.

Because I couldn’t prepare the meat I had in my inventory throughout the early sections of the game, I was unable to completely regain my health. Aside from raw beef, there were a slew of additional resources I couldn’t utilize since I couldn’t create the appropriate stations. The inventory space also seemed a bit limited, but that was due to the fact that I had a lot of materials with me that I couldn’t utilize anyplace. Early in the game, having a location to store resources is quite beneficial, and this was not the case for me in Breakwaters. When you’ve completed enough primary missions, you’ll be able to unlock everything, and you’ll be able to conveniently manage your inventory and everything else.


When it comes to Breakwaters’ technical aspects, the game presently looks to be in a balanced condition, with both problems and excellent parts hanging in the balance. The game’s weak and choppy framerates are one of the most frustrating aspects, and one that should be corrected right away. The gameplay errors and glitches aren’t game-breaking, but they do break or create the game when it comes to playability. Even with an RTX 3080, Breakwaters isn’t very steady. The water in the game is gorgeous, but it isn’t anything that my PC can’t handle. The camera is extremely clumsy, blurring the whole screen when turning the mouse to look around. These are minor flaws, but they must be addressed as soon as possible in order to enhance the game’s playability.

The developers must work on certain aspects as soon as possible in order to retain a healthy user base while also ensuring that fresh material is added to the game. I had hoped for less material but better gameplay, however it turns out that the game presently has a lot of stuff but isn’t very smooth. This is bad news because if the game’s gameplay continues unreliable and glitchy, many people will abandon it. The developer is now a tiny firm and is already working on repairs, since the game’s most recent version includes several updates. This is encouraging, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the game progresses in the months ahead.


The Bottom Line:

Breakwaters is the product of a tiny independent studio with big dreams. I liked the game’s graphical style, and its design is also fantastic, but it still needs a lot of development in its current stage. Both the front and back ends of the game need a great deal of optimization and effort. Bugs abound, and although none of them are game-breaking, they are nevertheless inconvenient. The game has had a few optimization upgrades with new features since its first release, but the developer still has a long way to go, but they have established a strong basis for the product. At its heart, it’s a fun survival sim, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it during its Early Access period to see how it turns out. Breakwaters, with its stunning water physics and solid gameplay mechanics, will be just up your alley if you like playing water-based crafts simulators.

6.5/10 for the overall performance.

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Breakwaters is a survival game that was released on Xbox One in 2018. The game has been given high ratings, but has not received the attention it deserves. It needs more time to develop and release at full potential. Reference: breakwaters game xbox one release date.

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