Can Live Dealer Casinos Compete With The Thrill Of Real Casinos?

Live dealer casinos have changed the way we perceive online gambling. They are no longer a lonesome activity. Instead, live online gambling is as social as visiting a glamorous gambling venue. Despite that, many are wondering if live casino games can compare to their traditional counterparts.

How Authentic Are Live Dealer Games?

The opponents of playing live casino games may claim they can never live up to playing at a traditional table. However, live dealer casinos have come a long way. They support live chats, which allow players to talk to other gamblers at the same table, greet the dealer, and even tip them.


What was once the biggest disadvantage has turned into an unexpected feature. Gamblers can chat when they feel like it. When they want to play in peace, they can simply mute the feature.

Modern live casino studios have multiple cameras that stream the dealer’s actions without any delays. The frame changes as the game progresses, thus allowing gamers to see every little detail on the table. Live casinos also rely on advanced technologies, thus granting smooth streaming any time of night and day. And best of all, players don’t have to leave their houses.

Leading 5 Advantages of Live Dealer Casinos

There are so many reasons why someone should try online live casinos instead of constantly visiting the brick-and-mortar establishments nearby:

  • Special perks and bonuses: We analyzed bonus offers by casinos and noticed many offer attractive deals to gamblers who choose live games;
  • Convenience: Thanks to the development of mobile gambling, players can place their bets any time;
  • Betting limits: Live casino games offer cheap options for players on a budget, as well as games with high betting limits;
  • Variety of games: Live casino games don’t face space limits like classic venues do. They offer hundreds of games of all genres;
  • Inclusivity: Online casino games with live dealers are places where everyone can find their spot at the table.

Can Live Casinos Get Any Better?

Live casino games try to compensate for the lack of face-to-face interaction with live chats, yet many players still prefer seeing their peers at the table. It is possible that in the future, live casino games will implement streaming platforms to create that recognizable casino vibe.


Another aspect that proves there is still room for improvement is its dependence on technology. Even though traditional casinos also use tech, many games can function without it, e.g. blackjack, poker, and roulette. Online live casinos are tech-dependent, and a small interruption on either side can affect the entire experience. This is one part of live gambling that will take ages to improve. The number of live players grows, but the technology stays the same, thus putting the broadcasts under a lot of pressure.

Live casinos are fun and convenient and, for many, the perfect substitute for visiting a real casino. At the same time, plenty of players prefer the ritzy scenery only brick-and-mortar venues can provide.