CaseLabs Is Making a Comeback Thanks to New Ownership

CaseLabs, a maker of high-end PC gaming components, is coming back to life with new ownership. The company was acquired by a group of investors led by Hao Wu, the founder and CEO of Chinese social media giant Renren.

CaseLabs is making a comeback thanks to new ownership. The company had been struggling with financial issues and was forced to close its doors in 2016. This year, however, the company has been bought by a group of investors who plan on returning it to its former glory.

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Due to new ownership, CaseLabs is making a return. Emil Rytterstedt, the new owner, has been in contact with Gamers Nexus, giving updates on the resurrection. The plan is to start with the original designs and then move on to new items. Learning the fabrication techniques required for the different components will be a challenge for the new crew. Emil has said that it is critical to maintain the company’s original character. He is a strong supporter of the right to repair.

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In 1971, CaseLabs started manufacturing electronic enclosures for industrial, medical, and military uses. The business started making PC cases in 2010. It rapidly acquired a reputation for superior craftsmanship and the ability to modify casings right at the factory. Due to exorbitant price hikes brought on by tariffs and supply chain problems, it closed its doors in 2018 after 50 years.

Everyone, we have some extremely terrible news to share with you:

10 August 2018 — CaseLabs (@CaseLabsUSA)

GN has reviewed the transaction’s court papers and can attest to its legality.

We talked with the new owner of CaseLabs to learn more about his ambitions for the company. The proprietor explained to us:

“The immediate goal is to reintroduce the original lineup into production, which will be a difficult job. The components will arrive flat and unfolded, with no instructions on how to fold them, so my manufacturers and I will have to figure out how to fold each part individually.”

Gamers Nexus is the source for this information.

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