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Doom Eternal Trophy Guide | December 2021 | PS4 Trophy Guide | Roadmap

The road to the future of gaming is paved with one thing, blood. It’s a never-ending saga that has been told for decades and centuries on end. Doom Eternal will be no exception as we’re sure you’re expecting an intense battle in the new game! Let us help you equip yourself before tackling our roadmap guide.

The “doom eternal trophy guide ps5” is a new game that will be released in December 2021. The game has a Trophy Guide and Roadmap.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re searching for a Trophy Guide for Doom Eternal for December 2021. Many gamers in this game desire to know about all of the awards available. That is why we have chosen to provide you with this tutorial.

Here you will find all information on the most recent Doom Eternal Trophy Guide for the month of December 2021, including the distribution of all trophies available in this game, their total count, and other relevant information. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at this tutorial.

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Doom Eternal Trophy Guide

December 2021 Trophy Guide for Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is a well-known first-person shooter game that can be played on a variety of devices. Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of this game, which was created by id Software. You may also win trophies in this game by completing certain quests. As a result, many players in this game search for Doom Eternal Trophy Guide on a regular basis.

The trophy guide can assist you figure out what trophies you’ll be winning in your game. There will be a total of 34 trophies in the next Doom Eternal Trophy Guide for December 2021. There are 27 Offline trophies and 7 Online trophies out of the total. In the Online awards category, there is a single Platinum trophy.

The following is a list of all trophies in the Doom Eternal Trophy Guide, organized by category. Examine them all and attempt to get them all as fast as possible.

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Platinum Award (Online: 1, Offline: 0, Total: 1)

  • All Trophies Must Be Earned by Heavy Metal

Gold Medalist (Online: 0, Offline: 4, Total: 4)

  • The Icon of Sin is assassinated by an Iconoclast.
  • Attempt to get the highest score possible by completing Extra Life Mode with 10 extra lives in your inventory.
  • All of the Praetor Suit Perks may be purchased in a single save space.
  • Kill 666 Demons It’s a Magic Number

Silver Award (Online: 2, Offline: 10, Total: 12)

  • Kill the Doom Hunters After the Hunters Became the Hunted
  • Best Gladiator in the Coliseum Thumbs Down
  • Energized and reforged In Taras Nabad, get a new Crucible.
  • Khan Maykr is being assassinated by nontraditionalists.
  • Slayer of the Past, Present, and Future Completing the Campaign on any difficulty level is a must.
  • The Crystals’ King In a single save space, you may fully increase your health, armor, or ammunition.
  • Extraordinary Extraordinary Lives In a single save space, you may get a total of 20 extra lives.
  • If I Could Only Read… In a single save space, collect all physical Codex pages.
  • Barrier-Breaker In a single save space, complete all Slayer Gates.
  • Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot with Gunpletionist
  • Play 25 BATTLEMODE matches as Man vs. Monsters.
  • Demons have reached a truce. In BATTLEMODE, cure yourself or a teammate for 50000 health.

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Bronze Medal (Online: 4, Offline: 13, Total: 17)

  • Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Dooms
  • Fracking on other planets Make a hole in the surface of Mars.
  • Treasure-seeking All encounters and Mission Challenges must be completed, and all items in Taras Nabad must be found in a single save slot.
  • Master of the Fast Using just the Famine Mode hack, complete a mission.
  • Upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo if you have a Crystal Craving
  • Complete a Praetor Suit Perk category in a single save slot, which is my personal favorite.
  • In the Fortress of Doom, spend 8 Sentinel Batteries in a single save space.
  • The Genie Lamp has been reforged. In a single save space, gather all of the cheat codes.
  • Complete the album collection in a single save spot with Metal Head.
  • Separately sold playset In a single save slot, finish the toy collection.
  • Complete a Slayer Gate as a bonus stage.
  • Get to Know Your Unmaykr Obtain the Unmaykr
  • They Keep BREAKING, Darn It! Perform 33 Unique Glory Kills in a single save space.
  • Combine and contrast In BATTLEMODE, you may play as one of five distinct Player Demons.
  • Fight As Hard As You Can As a Player Demon in BATTLEMODE, do 5000 damage.
  • In BATTLEMODE, kill 200 opponents with Blood Bath.
  • Expert in Weapons In BATTLEMODE, kill a Player Demon with each of the 8 Slayer weapons.


Finally, we hope you have learned all there is to know about the Doom Eternal Trophy Guide for December 2021, including how to obtain all of these trophies in your game, the total amount of trophies available, and much more. If you have any questions or concerns about this tutorial, please leave them in the comments area. We are here to assist you in resolving any queries or concerns you may have.

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The “doom eternal platinum difficulty” is a difficult trophy in the game that requires players to complete the campaign on Hard difficulty. The “doom eternal platinum difficulty” can be obtained by playing through the campaign on Hard difficulty and completing all of its checkpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doom Eternal easy to platinum?

A: Doom Eternal is a notoriously difficult game to platinum, especially in the first playthrough.

Are there difficulty trophies in Doom Eternal?

A: No, there are no difficulty trophies in Doom Eternal.

How do you get the hidden trophies in Doom Eternal?

A: The trophies are not hidden in Doom Eternal.

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