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The albion online best solo pve build 2021 is a guide for the best solo player builds in Albion Online.

Marvel Future Revolution Captain America builds for PvP and PvEImage courtesy of Marvel/Netmarble

Captain America was never my favorite superhero as a child since he seemed to me to be nothing more than a muscular, patriotic guy with a shield. But, because to his recent MCU portrayals, I have a much better understanding of who he is, where he comes from, and what he wants. Of course, he’s still a buff, patriotic guy with a shield, and I suppose that’s not something that has to alter. In this tutorial, we’ll go over two suggested Captain America builds for Marvel Future Revolution.

Because of his tanky physique and simple handling technique, Cap is a great choice for newcomers to Marvel Future Revolution. He’s either striking them in the face or throwing his shield a short distance at them. Because of Cap’s relative simplicity, any of his builds may be used in both PvE and PvP, thus it’s more a question of how you want to spend his resources.

See how each superhero ranks in our Marvel Future Revolution tier list. While Marvel Future Revolution coupons are valid for a short time, you may use them to get in-game goodies.

Captain America in the Marvel Future Revolution Build:

Build 1: The Best Captain America Skill

Power-Up Punch is a combat skill. Throws a strong punch that pushes opponents back and delivers 519 percent damage.
Subdue with an Unbreakable Will Drains part of the Vibranium meter to do 660 percent damage to surrounding opponents and knock them down.
Forefront: Spearhead Charge towards opponents to knock them back and inflict 633 percent damage. The Vibranium meter is raised.
Pulverization Vortex: Sentinel of Liberty Spin into a tornado that delivers 733 percent damage to all foes in its path and drags them along with you. The Vibranium meter is raised.
Shield Ricochet is reporting for duty. Throw your shield to inflict 149 percent damage to opponents at a distance while also lowering their DEF by 18.88 percent for 5 seconds and raising the Vibranium meter.

Captain America’s Best Specializations

Vanguard 20% of your DEF is converted into extra ATK.
Passion As HP, it absorbs 3% of every damage inflicted.
Regroup When you use a Shield Absorption-class ability, you have a 50% chance of adding another 20% to your Vibranium meter.
Charisma Reduces the amount of damage taken from adjacent enemies by 15%.

This Captain America build from the Marvel Future Revolution is designed to go all-out on attack. The cooldowns for both masteries are a little lengthy, but you can depend on Cap’s strong HP and DEF, as well as his normal Impact Reflection ability, to get you through the interval. Impact Reflection pulls aggro from adjacent enemies, reducing their damage to you while increasing your damage to them. With the additional health and damage resistance provided by Regroup and Charisma, you can keep battling until your heavy hitter moves recharge (which is accelerated by Regroup), and then really let them have it.

The Vibranium meter isn’t exactly the star of the show in this version, but it does serve as an additional exclamation point on any series of attacks. When you have enough meter by utilizing Reporting for Duty, Spearhead, and Sentinel of Liberty, you may use Unbreakable Will to briefly seize control of the battlefield and knock everyone down while doing decent damage.

Marvel Future Revolution Captain America build Image courtesy of Marvel/Netmarble

Build 2 of the Marvel Future Revolution Captain America:

Build 2 of the Best Captain America Skill

Captain’s Patience: Captain’s Leadership Creates a 22.68 percent of your maximum HP barrier around you and surrounding allies.
Lead the Charge with a Spearhead Charge towards opponents to knock them back and inflict 208 percent damage. The Vibranium meter is raised.
Shield Slice is reporting for duty. Throw your shield to deal 322 percent damage and inflict Bleed on foes at a long range. The Vibranium meter is raised.
Mighty Combo is a Hero’s Duty. To inflict 799 percent damage to surrounding enemies, unleash a torrent of strikes.
Liberty’s Sentinel: Invincibility  Consume the Vibranium meter to transform into a tornado that does 1,051 percent damage and knocks down any enemies it comes into contact with.

2 Most Valuable Captain America Specializations

Vanguard 20% of your DEF is converted into extra ATK.
Passion As HP, it absorbs 3% of every damage inflicted.
Regroup When you use a Shield Absorption-class ability, you have a 50% chance of adding another 20% to your Vibranium meter.
Battle-Readiness After using a healing ability/item, DEF increases by 20% for 7 seconds.

This build focuses on total DPS rather than single-strike damage output. These Spearhead and Reporting for Duty variants don’t do as much damage, but they cool down considerably faster. This increased use leads to increased percentage absorption into the Vibranium meter, which implies increased use of the extremely deadly Sentinel of Liberty: Indomitability.

Passion and Captain’s Leadership will enable you to remain in the thick of things for a bit longer, especially if you have a teammate to help you out, as your barrier will shield them and their heals will boost your DEF even more due to Battle Preparation. The Bleed from Reporting for Duty: Shield Slice will assist you sustain your DPS output in the times between skill cooldowns.

These are the two Captain America constructions we suggest for the Marvel Future Revolution. We’ll keep you informed when new material becomes available and the meta shifts. Check out our Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man builds and Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel constructions for more information.

The albion online best solo build 2020 is a guide for players who want to play Albion Online as a solo player. It includes information on what skills and items to use, and how to maintain your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PvE and PvP builds?

PvE stands for Player versus Environment, while PvP stands for Player versus Player. In PvE, you are fighting against the games AI (artificial intelligence) to complete objectives and defeat enemies. The AI is typically not very good at fighting back or moving around, so you can usually just run past them and get to the next objective.

Is Albion a PvE or PvP?

Albion is a PvE server.

What is the best dagger in Albion?

The best dagger in Albion is the Dagger of Darts.

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