HTC Announces Portable VIVE Flow Immersive VR Glasses

HTC announced the release of their new portable VIVE Flow VR headset, bringing a more immersive experience to users. The device will be available in early 2018 and is designed for use with both PC-based headsets like the VIVE Pro and mobile experiences like Google’s Daydream.

HTC announced the Portable VIVE Flow Immersive VR Glasses at CES 2018. The device is a pair of glasses that has been designed to work with the HTC Vive so you can experience virtual reality without having to set up your room.

Image credit: HTC

HTC today unveiled the VIVE Flow, a pair of bug-eyed VR glasses that let users watch TV and movies on a cinema-sized VR screen, exercise their brains with brain training applications, interact with colleagues and friends, and more. The glasses include a 100-degree field of vision, 3.2K resolution, 75 Hz refresh rate, 3D spatial audio, and an active cooling mechanism that vents heat out of the eye chamber for better comfort. HTC’s VIVE Flow will be available for $499 in November at the official VIVE shop and select retailers worldwide.


From HTC:

VIVE Flow weighs approximately the same as a chocolate bar and is designed to fit comfortably into your life. Its dual-hinge design and soft face gasket enable it to fold down into a small footprint, making it easy to transport. The VIVE Flow’s innovative hinge is designed to suit a wide range of head sizes and shapes. Its face gasket is inspired by the renowned VIVE Focus 3, with magnetic connections that make swapping it out easy and fast – ideal for sharing. The built-in diopter dials on the VIVE Flow enable users to effortlessly change the diopter for crystal clear vision. Its active cooling technology pushes heated air away from your face throughout the day, keeping you cool and comfortable.

“With VIVE Flow, HTC is redefining technology by concentrating on how we feel rather than what we do. Maintaining our wellness has become increasingly important in recent years, with millions of people feeling stressed on a daily basis. “It’s never been more important to take time out to calm our minds, and VIVE Flow provides the perfect opportunity to escape our four walls and immerse ourselves in our ideal ambience,” said Cher Wang, HTC’s Chairwoman and CEO. “Meditation, mild stretches, brain training, streaming our favorite programs, and even meeting friends or colleagues in virtual reality via VIVE Sync may all be improved by a gadget small enough to carry in our pocket.” VIVE Flow is the next step in the development of technology, as we take a more holistic approach to how we can improve people’s lives.”

“To different individuals, relaxation means various things,” said Nanea Reeves, CEO of TRIPP, a leading XR wellness service. “Whether you meditate, watch movies, or play games, it’s essential to discover your own version of zen.” The fact that HTC understands, and that we can utilize VR in these ways to improve people’s emotional and mental well-being, excites me personally, as does our whole TRIPP team.”

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