Orobashi’s Legacy Part 2 World quest in Genshin Impact – Pearl and Warding Stone locations

Orobashi’s Legacy Part 2 is the second part of a series where players have to find and collect all 12 pieces of his legacy. The first installment was released in December 2017, but this is the sequel with new locations and quests.

The Orobashi’s Legacy Part 4 is a quest in Genshin Impact. It is the final part of a series that began with the first quest Orobashi’s Legacy Part 1. In this quest, players must find and destroy the Pearl and Warding Stone to complete it.

We must now go to Part 2 after finishing Orobashi’s Legacy Prologue and Part 1. Part 2 is essentially identical to Part 1, with the exception of a change in setting. The Serpent’s Head, just to the south of the Momiji-Dyed Court Domain, is where you’ll find this Ward for Part 2. As in Part 1, you must observe the Ward once you arrive. This Ward is likewise in disrepair, and you’ll need a “Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone” and a “Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Pearl” to restore it.

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The problem is that these two items are this time concealed in separate locations. As a result, we’ll start looking for the “Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone,” which is hidden in a nearby ruin rather than within a Sacred Stone Puzzle. Almost directly to the left of the Ward site is this ruin (if you are facing the Ward). There’s a Thunder Sakura Bough next to it, and it’s a rectangular hole.

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Glide down the hole after collecting an Electrograna from the Thunder Sakura Bough. An Electro-Barrier that would otherwise obstruct your passage will be deactivated by this Electrograna. Then turn on the adjacent machine to decrease the water level in the ruin.

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Prepare to battle now that the water level has dropped. You must first fight three Ruin Destroyers before attempting to solve the Electro Cube Puzzle (which will very likely be disrupted during battle, leaving you to solve it on your own). This will unlock the hatch near the stairwell, which will lead you to the next step.

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Once you’ve made your way down the hatch, defeat the Hydro Slimes that emerge before claiming your reward (the “Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone”) at the bottom of the tiny waterfall.

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We may now go find the “Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Pearl.” It is situated in the center of a triangular body of water immediately west of the Ward. Once you’ve arrived, locate the Sacred Stone Mound at the top of the hill and point it west, with the middle elevation.

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Now return to the Thunderbearer Mirror you hit and rotate it to face north at medium height. This will cause it to shoot over the sea to the Thunderbearer Mirror, which can be seen below.

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To get to the Mirror you just hit, climb/glide/use the Thunder Spheres to reach there, then spin it to face west and be level with the horizon. This will direct the Electro shot back over the river to the taller of the two Thunderbearer mirrors on the other side of the waterfall.

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Once you’ve arrived, point the upper Thunderbearer Mirror downward and east, so it’s aiming for the mirror immediately below it.

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Then, at medium height, fly down to the bottom mirror and spin it to face south-east. This causes the shot to be redirected to the bottom mirror closest to the viney-overhang.

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Then, at the overhang, tilt the Thunderbearer Mirror north and parallel to the horizon, so that it shoots over the sea towards the only mirror we haven’t yet dealt with.

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Finally, we can turn this last mirror to face west, and we’ll be at mid-elevation. This should cause it to aim towards the puzzle’s central barrier, signaling the end of our mirror rotations for the time being.

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Finally, hit the Sacred Stone Mound to see the sequence with the Electro shot bouncing about and hitting the barrier, releasing the pearl. Return to the Ward and claim the pearl, as well as the two things you’ve earned, to complete Orobashi’s Legacy Part 2.

The orobashi legacy genshin pillars is a quest in the game Genshin Impact. In this quest, players must find and destroy 2 pillars that are located in the World of Orobashi’s Legacy.

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