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The Alien Cube, a Lovecraftian Horror Adventure Game, Launches October 14

The Alien Cube is a Lovecraftian horror adventure game that will be available on Steam and the App Store. It is set in a world where humanity has been enslaved by an ancient race of beings known as the Dactyls. Players must fight their way through this dark and twisted world to find out what happened to humanity, and how they can escape.

The Alien Cube is a Lovecraftian horror adventure game that has been developed by the indie team of Ludum Dare. The game will launch on October 14, 2017.

Alessandro Guzzo is the author of this image.

On October 14, The Alien Cube, a Lovecraftian-inspired first-person horror adventure game, will be released. It’s Alessandro Guzzo’s second game, and it’s a spiritual sequel to The Land of Pain. On Steam, his take on the genre has gotten generally favorable reviews, and there are free trials for each game.

The Alien Cube is a spiritual sequel to my previous game, The Land of Pain, and is a cosmic first-person horror adventure inspired by Lovecraft’s tales. In many ways, it improves on The Land of Pain, including additional environments, improved gameplay, and enhanced visuals. From icy woods to dark dungeons and otherworldly realms, there are many diverse areas to explore and examine. And surviving will be difficult. I also chose to conceal several surprises for gamers that like wandering throughout the game.


Alessandro Guzzo is the author of this image.

CRYENGINE 5 is used in the game. Alessandro spoke with Crytek recently to help celebrate the game’s release. He describes how providing demos enabled him to engage more with the gaming community, which led to helpful feedback for changes. He also spoke about how childhood recollections of the scenery of Northern Italy near the Alps, as well as tales by H.P. Lovecraft, influenced him.

The CRYENGINE community has been very helpful, and the technical support staff at CRYENGINE has assisted me throughout the development process. I’d want to express my gratitude to Cry-Flare, who was very helpful in providing me with knowledge on the CRYENGINE code.

It was also beneficial to provide the demo. Since the demo’s release, I’ve been listening to player comments and updating the game on a regular basis, sharing the changes I’ve made with the community. The game has progressed significantly since the demo, with new features such as the diary, which includes sketches and hidden surprises. 

Sources: Crytek, Steam (via DSOG).

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The deathground is a Lovecraftian horror adventure game that has launched on October 14. Players will be able to explore the mysterious world of death and survive the horrors of this dark, twisted reality.

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