The Best Shaddoll Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Ranked –

The best Shaddoll cards are those that can be used in a variety of decks, and have the potential to win you games. This list is based on these criteria and will help you decide which card is right for your deck.

The best shaddoll cards is a list of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. This article ranks them in order from worst to first.

Shaddolls are without a doubt one of Yu-Gi-greatest Oh’s fusion archetypes.

They first appeared in Duellist Alliance almost 7 years ago, and they’re still being played in tournaments today!

One of the most enjoyable tactics I’ve ever encountered is in this deck. Each of their monsters has two effects: one when they’re flipped up, and another when they’re sent to the graveyard.

Give these cards a try if you’re wanting to dip your toes into the mysterious art of Fusion summoning, or if you’re just searching for a fun new deck to explore.


15. Hedgehog Shaddoll

Shaddoll Hedgehog YGO Card

Shaddoll Hedgehog is one of the greatest searchers in the Shaddoll deck, enabling you to take almost anything from the deck.

You may put any Shaddoll spell or trap from your deck into your hand when it flips face-up. This is ideal for obtaining a fusion spell, which will enable you to fuse some really strong monsters right away.

You may add any Shaddoll monster from your deck to your hand when Shaddoll Hedgehog is sent to the graveyard (perhaps via fusion summon with the spell you just searched!).

You may then either set that monster or, if you have another fusion spell, use it to summon another fusion monster!


Falco, Shaddoll, 14

Shaddoll Falco Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This man is the king of establishing board presence.

When it’s face-up, you may special summon any Shaddoll monster from your graveyard to your side of the field in face-down position.

This prepares your Shaddoll monsters to be turned face-up to activate their effects, or to be sent to the graveyard for fusion summoning.

Furthermore, you may summon Shaddoll Falco in face-down defensive posture as soon as it is sent to the graveyard.

This means you may bring it back to the field after using it for a fusion summon, giving you two monsters for the price of one!


El Shaddoll Apkallone (#13)

El Shaddoll Apkallone El Shaddoll Apkallone

This monster is by far the simplest El Shaddoll to fusion summon, needing just two distinct Shaddoll monsters.

But first, let’s look at the consequences:

First and foremost, Apkallone is impenetrable in combat. In other words, if your opponent wants to get past this card, they’ll have to use card effects.

You won’t be taking damage any time soon if they don’t have it.

When this card is special summoned, you may negate the effects of any face-up card on the field. Permanently.

When dealing with field spells, this may be very useful.

Because so many decks rely on one or two strong field spells, having a copy of Apkallone in your extra deck is an excellent method to deal with a large number of decks at once.


12. Keios Qadshaddoll

Qadshaddoll Keios Yu-Gi-Oh Card

El Shaddoll Construct, one of the most powerful Shaddoll cards in the game, needs a Shaddoll monster and a light attribute monster.

This forced players to use random light monsters in their decks for a long time. But no longer!

Keios Qadshaddoll is a light Shaddoll monster with some incredible effects!

You may special summon any Shaddoll from your hand in either face-up or face-down defensive posture when it’s turned face-up. This is a fantastic method to rapidly flood the field with additional Shaddoll creatures and have those flip effects ready to go.

Then, if you send Qadshaddoll Keios to the graveyard as a result of a card effect, you may send any Shaddoll monster from your hand to the graveyard to give all monsters you control attack equal to that monster’s level multiplied by 100.

This is a fantastic method to buff your monsters while also activating the Shaddoll monsters in your hand’s graveyard effects.


11. Fusion of El Shaddoll

El Shaddoll Fusion YGO Card

Polyermization is interesting, but what if you could improve it?

El Shaddoll Fusion is one of the most powerful fusion spells ever printed, enabling you to quickly fusion summon any Shaddoll monster from your extra deck!

There are a lot of cool effects that happen when you call anything.

Consider El Shaddoll Apkallone, who, when special summoned, may permanently nullify the effects of any face-up card.

Being able to use these effects during your opponent’s turn is a certain way to shut them down – and before you know it, the game will be as good as yours.


Shaddoll Construct is number ten.

Shaddoll Construct Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The original Link summoning restrictions stipulated that you could only fusion summon into the additional monster zones or any zone where a Link monster pointed.

Because Shaddoll is a deck that summons several fusion summons at once, this effectively ended the Shaddoll approach.

The Shaddoll link monster, Shaddoll Construct, came to the rescue!

Even if the laws have changed since then, we may still utilize this extremely strong Link monster.

But here’s the bottom line:

This card may be used as a stand-alone fusion spell, enabling you to fusion summon any Shaddoll monster using monsters from your hand or field as the ingredients.

This card’s greatest feature is that it’s also a light monster. Soit is an excellent target for summoning El Shaddoll Construct, the deck’s boss monster.


9. Squamata Shaddoll

Shaddoll Squamata YGO Card

Shaddoll Squamata is the card you send to the graveyard if you’re summoning a fusion summon.

You may send any Shaddoll creature from your deck to the graveyard when this card is sent to the graveyard by a card effect.

This grants you access to all of the graveyard effects in the deck.

You might summon creatures with Reshaddoll Wendi or bring forth a duplicate of Shaddoll Falco; the possibilities are really endless.


Helshaddoll Hollow is number eight on the list.

Helshaddoll Hollow Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Shaddolls lacked a main-deck boss monster until recently.

It’s wonderful to have awesome monsters in your extra deck, but every now and then you simply need a boss monster in your main deck that can smash your opponent!

Then there’s Helshaddoll Hollow, who has a massive 2900 attack, making him the ideal beat-stick for this deck.

This card has several incredible effects in addition to its stats.

When it’s flipped up, you may target and banish an opponent’s monster by sending one Shaddoll monster from your extra deck to the graveyard.

Shaddolls have a fusion monster for every characteristic, so no matter what deck your opponent is using, you’ll be able to take off their annoying monsters.


7. Genius Neshaddoll

Neshaddoll Genius YGO Card

There’s one thing your deck must have if you want to survive in contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh:

Negative energy.

In the current metagame, there are some extremely strong monsters hiding (just hearing the words Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon sends shivers down my spine).

And if you want to defeat them, you’ll have to find a method to counteract their impacts.

You may target an effect monster on the field and make it such that neither player can activate that card’s effect on the field for the rest of the round by sending Neshaddoll Genius to the graveyard by a card effect.

Activate a card like El Shaddoll Fusion to send this card to your graveyard during your opponent’s turn for maximum power, negating their monster effects before they can use them.


Shekinaga, El Shaddoll

El Shaddoll Shekinaga Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Shekinaga is the Earth fusion monster in the deck, and summoning it requires one Shaddoll monster and one Earth monster.

While Shaddolls don’t have any Earth-type monsters by default, you may compensate by including a few copies of Mathematician in your deck.

Shekinaga, on the other hand, is one of the greatest negation cards ever created.

When an opponent’s monster’s effect is activated while you have a Shaddoll card in your hand, you may negate it, destroy that monster, and send that Shaddoll card to the graveyard!

So you can not only negate/remove effects quickly with this card, but you can also activate a Shaddoll monster graveyard effect right from your hand!

When you send any Shaddoll fusion monster to the graveyard, they have the same effect, enabling you to bring back any Shaddoll spell or trap from the graveyard to your hand.

This is useful for resurrecting your strong fusion spells and enabling you to fusion summon many times.


5. Wendi Reshaddoll

Reshaddoll Wendi YGO Card

As a result, this is without a doubt the greatest main-deck Shaddoll card ever created, enabling you to build some really formidable decks.

Both its flip and graveyard effects enable you to special summon any Shaddoll monster you choose from the deck, in either face-up or face-down defensive posture.

This enables you to create whatever kind of flip effect you want!

There’s a Shaddoll monster for every scenario, whether it’s Helshaddoll Hollow for monster removal or Shaddoll Hedgehog to steal your fusion spells from the deck.


Shaddoll Fusion is number four.

YGO Card YGO Card

This fusion spell is so ridiculously strong that it will be splashed into decks that aren’t mainly Shaddoll decks.

Shaddoll Fusion allows you to fusion summon any Shaddoll monster from your extra deck using fusion ingredients from your hand or field — fairly normal so far.

You may utilize monsters from your deck as fusion materials if your opponent controls a monster that was special summoned from the extra deck (and in contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh, your opponent will almost likely have several extra deck monsters on the field).

You may fusion summon a monster without using any monsters from your hand or field, and you can also activate the graveyard effects of any two Shaddoll monsters from the deck by sending them to the graveyard as fusion materials.



3. The Shaddoll Controversy

Shaddoll Schism YGO Card

Shaddoll Schism is one of the lesser-known fusion trap cards when it comes to strong cards that allow fusion summoning.

Many individuals have asked for this trap to be banned from competitive play since it is so effective.

You must banish monsters from your field or graveyard to fusion summon a Shaddoll monster with this card.

In contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh!, setting up your cemetery is very simple. So, executing this fusion summon isn’t difficult at all.

Furthermore, if one of your opponent’s monsters has the same attribute as the fusion summoned monster, you may send it to the graveyard.

This is a very strong removal spell that allows you to get rid of creatures that aren’t affected by card effects.

You should definitely play this card in your Shaddoll deck if you can get your hands on it.


El Shaddoll Winda is number two on the list.

El Shaddoll Winda Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Floodgates — cards that prohibit your opponent from performing specific actions – are a fantastic method to keep your opponent in check.

One of the most oppressive floodgates ever printed is El Shaddoll Winda (well, excluding the old-school cards like Royal Oppression which are rightfully banned).

Neither player may special summon monsters more than once each round while this card is on the field.

As a result, if you call Winda at the conclusion of your turn, you may special summon as many times as you like while limiting your opponent.

Winda is the greatest method to completely destroy your opponent’s gameplan – it should be included in every Shaddoll deck, given how crucial special summoning has become in Yu-Gi-Oh (check out any Rokket deck to see how much they can pop-off).


1. The Construct of El Shaddoll

El Shaddoll Construct El Shaddoll Construct

It’s simple to understand why El Shaddoll Construct is the greatest Shaddoll card ever created.

You may send any Shaddoll card from your deck to the graveyard when this card is first summoned.

You may use this to trigger any graveyard effect you choose, right from the deck.

And if this list has taught us anything, it’s that Shaddolls have some very strong graveyard effects.

Furthermore, when this card fights any special summoned monster, you may instantly destroy it at the start of the damage phase.

This implies that no matter how strong a monster is, if it was called in a particular way, it will be killed.

In general, this is a fantastic bit of non-targeting obfuscation:

El Shaddoll Construct’s effect does not include the term “target,” implying that monsters that aren’t affected by card effects would be affected as well.

The pure shaddoll deck 2021 is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck that is composed of all Shaddoll cards. It has been ranked as the best deck in the game by many players.

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