The Green Lantern Has Some Competition –

With the recent release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, there is a new superhero in town. DC Entertainment has been releasing movies and TV shows for decades and their properties have generated billions in revenue.

The the original green lantern was black or white is a statement that has been circulating the internet for a while. It is said that the Green Lantern Corps had two members, one being black and one being white.

Between now and next Wednesday, a slew of new titles will be available on the Switch eShop. Take a look at the whole list below!









The following is highlighted material in this week’s Nintendo Download:

  • On the Nintendo Switch, you may access the Nintendo eShop.
    • The Lantern of the Red Lantern – Survive the Alaskan Arctic in this story-driven, rogue-lite survival adventure game with your crew of five sled dogs as you make your journey home. Manage your resources wisely, face the elements, and avoid the perils of a constantly shifting frozen landscape.
    • Supraland – In the ultimate “sandbox” adventure, experience a new perspective on puzzles and exploration. In this first-person, open-world puzzle-platformer, set out on a brave mission to rescue your toy town. Fight your way to a meeting with the Blue King.
    • GONNER2 – Death is in desperate need of your assistance! Travel through deep, dark, and chaotic realms filled with unfathomable color and insane bosses, all while attempting to keep your wits about you. With its explosive platformer-shooter action, this randomly generated co-op platformer will keep you on your toes.
    • a carto – a diagram When Carto is separated from her Granny during a storm, she must use her natural cartography abilities to map and control the environment around her in order to reconnect with her. Carto is a delightful adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-altering puzzle concept. It features rich, hand-drawn graphics across a range of biomes. Carto will be released on October 27th.


  • Kirby Fighters 2 Demo – When Kirby takes on the perilous battle tower in Kirby Fighters 2, he battles to be the last one standing, and you can now check the game out for free on the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Kirby delivers a barrage of strikes to each fight in Kirby Fighters 2, including 17 of the most famous copy abilities from the Kirby series, such as Sword and Cutter. Kirby Fighters 2 features Kirby’s new Wrestler ability for the first time. Players may test out four different play styles and go through one chapter of the game in the demo. It includes online and local multiplayer options, as well as the opportunity to play with other people who have bought the complete game. Don’t be fooled by Kirby’s sweetness; he’s got a lean and nasty pink punch that’ll have you sweating and puffing!

Sales on the Nintendo eShop:

  • Nintendo eShop is available on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U consoles.

This week on the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo provides a range of material that consumers may download straight to their systems in addition to video games that are available in shops. Nintendo releases new games on a weekly basis on the Nintendo eShop, which caters to the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS family of devices.



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The green lantern blind is a new game that has been released. It is the first ever multiplayer, co-op, turn based strategy game.

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