The Witcher: Blood Origin Gets a Teaser Trailer

CDProjekt Red released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming movie based on The Witcher; which will be coming out in 2020. The film is being directed by Tomek Baginski, who worked with Adam Batko and Andrzej Sapkowski to bring Geralt of Rivia’s story to life.

The “the witcher: blood origin release date” is a teaser trailer for the upcoming game, The Witcher: Blood and Wine.

The-Witcher-Blood-Origin-Gets-a-Teaser-TrailerImage credit: Netflix

The Witcher: Blood Origin’s first teaser trailer has been published. The prequel series takes place roughly 1,200 years before Geralt’s time. The Conjunction of the Spheres, a cosmic event in which humans, elves, and monsters meet after numerous planets are joined together, happens during this age. The teaser has yet to be uploaded on Netflix’s YouTube channel, but it has already been shared by fans.

A teaser for The Witcher: Blood Origin has been published.

— December 17, 2021, r/NetflixWitcher (@netflixwitcher)

The trailer may be seen as a post-credits clip at the conclusion of The Witcher’s season 2 finale. Michelle Yeoh, who plays Scian, a magical swordmaster, appears in it as she and Sophia Brown, who plays an elf warrior/nomadic singer, hunt for a supernatural weapon. Shots of fighting between human and elf characters are also shown.

The new project, which will be a six-part series, was revealed in July and will premiere in 2022. An early behind-the-scenes film was published in September, along with some images of the actors and crew, as part of a blitz of Witcher-related initiatives. Season two of The Witcher was launched on Netflix yesterday, and to commemorate the occasion, the streaming provider also published some early production photographs.

THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN will be available on Netflix in 2022.

December 17, 2021 — Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked)

Netflix is the source of this information. (Image courtesy of Gizmodo)

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The “the witcher: blood origin wiki” is a new game in the Witcher series. The teaser trailer for the game was released on YouTube, and it looks promising.

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