Tips to complete Dead of Winter in World War Z: Aftermath

In the zombie apocalypse, survivors find themselves trapped in a world of horror. How do you survive and thrive in this environment?

The world war z guide 2020 is a post that has been created to help users complete the game. It includes tips and tricks for players who are struggling with it.

The first chapter of World War Z: Aftermath Episode 7: Kamchatka is titled Dead of Winter. It’ll be the first time you’ll face a new adversary introduced with this update, and you’ll be storming a cruise ship in quest of supplies to get through the next winter nights. This guide will show you how to accomplish the task and provide you with some helpful hints.

Step 1: Reach out to the Russians and protect them.

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The quest begins with some breathtaking landscapes. Follow the road ahead and pass through a succession of buildings until you come upon a group of Russians. Although there isn’t much to look at along the route, you should keep an eye out for equipment and weaponry.

When you eventually get to the Russians, you’ll have to protect them from a few swarms. Set up as many fortifications as you can and stock up on ammunition. The swarming arrive quickly, making the encounter seem claustrophobic. Fight as a team and protect one another, for if one of you dies, the rest of you will perish. You must also keep the Zekes away from the Russians, since they may get overrun, and if they die, the operation will be terminated.

Step 2: Battle your way through the cruise liner

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Your next mission is to board the cruise liner and fight your way to the upper deck. To accomplish so, you must first get access to the cruise ship by obtaining the flamethrower and then locating its fuel. The gasoline will be located on the left side of the cruise ship, amid several Zekes. When you have it, you may use it to melt the ice that is blocking the ship’s entrance door. Rats, a new opponent, may appear at this stage. Rats are immune to all weapons save the flamethrower at the time of writing, thus if you encounter any, you may have to wipe and restart. Use one player as bait while the rest rush ahead and away from the Rats to get past them.

You’ll be searching for a route up to the upper deck after you’ve boarded the ship. The stairs are out, but you can use the elevator if you can locate two fuel canisters. Because the position of the fuel is unpredictable, explore the ship until you locate it, then add it to the generator. More Zekes will swarm the area each time you do so. This contains a slew of unique Zekes that will make your life a living hell. Don’t break up here; work together as a team. You’ll make this task much more difficult if you don’t.

You must press two switches within a 30-second period before the elevator can start. This is a simple task, but there are more Zekes waiting to make your life a living hell. Return to the elevator after you’ve struck all of the switches. Don’t halt because the Zekes will keep coming. Then you must all enter the elevator to for it to travel to the top deck. We had a problem where one player was too far forward but still inside the elevator, so make sure you go to the rear and don’t cause a delay for the rest of the squad.

Step 3: Assist the Russians in their defense.

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The last battle will be your second defensive confrontation. There are a number of defensive objects strewn around the deck, so keep an eye out for them. Set them up as soon as possible since the swarms will arrive considerably later than normal. You must battle the Zekes while the Russians collect the supplies they need from the ship. This means you’ll have to shoot at the undead as normal, but keep in mind Dmitriy’s plight. The Zekes have the ability to swarm Dmitriy’s position, and you must keep them away from him or the operation will fail. Fight off two waves of Russians while waiting for them to finish, then rush back into the elevator to complete the objective.

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