What Is Fortnite, And How Can Beginners Get Faster Rank Upgrades

Fortnite is one of the most dynamic and popular shooters in the battle royale genre, which constantly attracts new players through collaborations with stars and famous game studios and regular events.

All your actions during the match will have weight and bring results depending on the number of kills and the total survival time on the game map; for this, you will receive a rank boost in Fortnite. Height will allow you to take on more difficult opponents, which will make matches more interesting.

You need to be able to shoot, develop your own strategy for conducting matches that you will follow and learn to shoot well, not forgetting about the mechanics of collecting resources and constantly building fortifications for your protection.

Game Map

Fortnite has many different variations of the game map, which are selected randomly in each match. However, in the settings, you can remove formats you don’t like so that they are not taken into account when choosing a zone for the next match.

At the beginning of the game, all 100 players will fly the plane along a random trajectory, and each player will decide for himself at what point to begin landing.


If you do nothing, the plane will simply fly you over the game map, and upon leaving it, you will simply die if you do not make any decision before that moment.


Fortnite has its own unique mechanics that greatly distinguishes it from other battle royales – this is the construction mode.

You can literally build walls and cover so you can hide behind them and not take a lot of damage in battle.

You will be able to build from wood, stone, and metal, and you will find all these materials as you move around the game map.

You can chop down wood and pick stone and metal with a pickaxe to replenish your supply, and when you activate the construction menu, you will see all the available buildings and a blue tint where it can be installed. Objects can be placed on top of each other, and this opens up access to many different shelters for battles – simple and complex multi-level ones.

If you watch the best Fortnite players, you will quickly realize that all of them know how to collect resources quickly and instantly build huge territories, and they still have time to restore damaged areas in order to continue fighting with each other. This is a good trait that significantly increases your chances of winning and quickly boosting in Fortnite, along with good shooting and knowledge of tactics.

Danger Zones

In Fortnite, this is a period of storms when it becomes dangerous in a random place on the game map, and if you do not quickly leave this territory, you will simply lose a lot of health or even die and end your boosting in Fortnite ahead of schedule.

Interesting Mechanics And Grenades

Fortnite is a vibrant game that has many unique fighting mechanics that make the game more interesting.

For example, a dance grenade is a device that puts all affected players into a state of stun, who will actively dance at this time. Or a grenade launcher that will rain down an avalanche of fire on enemies from above and cause fatal damage to them if they do not dodge it.

Special Transport

In Fortnite, as in other similar games, you can use the mechanics of various vehicles to quickly move and play various methods of quickly attacking, or vice versa, leaving the battlefield.

This is an ideal option if, during your boosting in Fortnite, you find yourself outside the game map and you urgently need to return to its territory so as not to lose health.

Just jump into a golf cart or a helicopter and fly in the right direction, but remember that at this moment you are quite vulnerable, and you cannot shoot while moving, so if you get into a firefight, then just quickly get out of there, or stop abruptly, take the fight and build a shelter if you have enough funds for this.

Events and Battle Passes

There is always something going on in Fortnite, be it special events related to concerts with the participation of stars or special events in which you can get V-Bucks or new outfits for your agents. The game has already hosted concerts by Drake and Billie Eilish, and Lady Gaga is expected. Among the new skins and collaborations, Eren and Mikasa from Attack on Titan and Herald and Jennifer from The Witcher were added.

The Battle Pass is released once a season, and this happens about four times a year.

The system will give you different tasks within matches and for completing them you will grow in level and earn various unique rewards, mostly cosmetic.

Play In A Group

Of course, if you are comfortable with it – many players perfectly achieve high boosting rates in Fortnite alone and do not experience any problems.

You just need to know that when you play as a team, there are many more tactical options open up for you, such as joint assaults holding certain areas and helping each other with equipment and shelters.

Conclusions on all the features awaiting Fortnite players

Fortnite is a project from Epic Games, which was created under the influence of PUBG, but received a number of unique features.


This is also a construction mode, which allows you to collect three types of resources and use them to build shelters and hills, which still need to be destroyed in order to get through to the enemy and cause damage.

These are unique grenade mechanics that bring fun mixed with horror, and it all depends on whether they are used by you or against you. For example, a grenade that makes enemies dance.

Master vehicles and use them to quickly return to the current zone or leave a dangerous territory in which you can get caught in a storm and die, but remember that you cannot shoot from cars, and you need to either quickly leave or disembark and build a shelter for yourself.

There is always something going on in Fortnite – there are events, seasonal battle passes, and concerts of guest stars. For active participation, you can receive unique characters and decorations, like Mikasa from Attack on Titan or the Witcher Herald.

It is best, of course, to play and get boosted in Fortnite as part of a group, because this opens up more tactical options and possibilities, but solo players usually feel great if they are more comfortable with this kind of gameplay.