Complete Pocket Guide to Locating Gwent Cards – Get that Collect ‘Em All trophy

Gwent is a card game that was released in October of 2017. The game has quickly become one of the most popular games on PC, with players spending hours playing against each other.

The gwent collect ’em all checklist is a guide to locating every single card in the game. It includes tips for playing, strategies, and what cards are worth tracking down.

TheWitcher5 - Complete Pocket Guide to Locating Gwent Cards - Get that Collect 'Em All trophy

I had to go to many websites and forums in order to figure out how to fix a handful of problems and locate some difficult-to-find cards. I decided to make this short but comprehensive guide that has all of the information on the basic game gwent cards as well as the Collect ‘Em All accomplishment.


The following is an excerpt from A Miraculous Guide To Gwent:



Isles of Skellige: 28

7 Orchard of White

Vizima’s Royal Palace: 1

1 Kaer Morhen

Number of new cards that may still be acquired from players with no fame or skill: 47



  • Region Cards are cards that you may purchase from innkeepers or get as a prize for completing missions.
  • Cards gained by challenging NPCs are known as “cards which may still be won from players of no particular fame or skill.” Person in distress, innkeepers, merchants, alchemists, blacksmiths, armorers


Location-Based Cards

White Orchard

  1. The first player is seated at one of the Inn’s tables.
  2. The innkeeper, Elsa, offers cards.
  3. Cards are sold by the merchant you rescued from the griffin.



Crow’s Perch and the Surrounding Areas:

  1. In Blackbough, there is a blacksmith.
  2. The Blackbough merchant.
  3. In Crow’s Perch, the Bloody Baron.
  4. In Crow’s Perch, Yoanna is a blacksmith’s apprentice.
  5. Crow’s Perch’s blacksmith, Fergus Graem.
  6. Crow’s Perch’s quartermaster.
  7. The merchant in Crow’s Perch’s bottom level.
  8. In Lindenvale, there is a blacksmith.
  9. The Lindenvale merchant.
  10. In Midcopse, the armorer.
  11. In Midcopse, there is a trader.
  12. Claywich’s master artisan. This is a distressed individual, and it’s possible that they’ll come upon a bug. To solve, use this instructions.
  13. In Oreton, there is a merchant.
  14. You may also play with the quartermaster in the Nilfgaardian Army Group Center Camp in the extreme south-east of Velen.

In Oxenfurt, there are six more:

  1. In Mulbrydale, the armorer.
  2. In south-eastern Oxenfurt, there is a blacksmith.
  3. Stjepan, the innkeeper of Oxenfurt’s Alchemy Inn.
  4. In northern Oxenfurt, there is an armorer.
  5. The trader in the northern Oxenfurt market.
  6. In the cottage north-east of Oxenfurt, the dwarven herbalist.



  1. On the northern island, near Elector’s Square, there is an Eternal Fire priest.
  2. In the Passiflora brothel, Marquise Serenity.
  3. The alchemist, north of Oxenfurt Gate, near the crematory.
  4. Behind the notice board is the merchant’s shop.
  5. At the Nowhere Inn, the innkeeper.
  6. The loanshark may be found to the south-west of Oxenfurt Gate.
  7. Across the street from the loanshark is a merchant.
  8. East of Tretogor Gate, the innkeeper at the Seven Cats Inn.
  9. Cunny of The Goose’s innkeeper, located south of the city.
  10. Elihal, the tailor, is located to the south of Tretogor Gate.
  11. The trader at the Tretogor Gate market, to the north-west.
  12. The innkeeper of Kingfisher Inn, Olivier, sells a few cards.
  13. Marcus T.K. Hodgson in Hierarch Square’s bookshop.
  14. In Silverton, north-west of Hierarch Square, there is a blacksmith.
  15. Across the street from the blacksmith is a merchant.
  16. In the tiny market west of Hierarch Square, there is a fish vendor.
  17. The bank’s owner, Vimme Vivaldi.
  18. On the south bank, near the fish market, there is a blacksmith.
  19. The Golden Sturgeon’s innkeeper, west of Hierarch Square.
  20. South of the fish market, across the canal, lies the dwarven herbalist.
  21. Zoltan at Rosemary and Thyme, near the Hierarch’s Gate (during A Perilous Game quest).
  22. North of Glory Gate, there is a shopkeeper.
  23. Crippled Kate’s brothel’s madame.
  24. The trader at the Scoiat’ael camp, which is located south of the city.



The north-eastern island of Skellig:

  1. In Urialla Harbor, there is a blacksmith.
  2. The innkeeper at Urialla Harbor, who also sells playing cards.
  3. In Urialla Harbor, the armorer.

Hidjarsfall is an island in the archipelago’s eastern part:

  1. In Larvik, the armorer.
  2. In Larvik, there is a shopkeeper near the inn.
  3. The innkeeper of Larvik’s House of Warriors inn.
  4. In Larvik, there is a blacksmith.

Faroe is a south-eastern elongated island:

  1. The innkeeper of Harviken’s inn. Until 4 p.m., meditate.
  2. In Harviken, there is a blacksmith.

The island of Spikeroog in the north-west:

  1. At the inn in Svorlag, the innkeeper will offer you cards and play against you.
  2. Svorlag’s merchant beside the water.
  3. In the north of Svorlag, there is a blacksmith.

Ard Skellig is the largest and most central of the islands. In the island’s northern reaches:

  1. At Kaer Trolde, there is a blacksmith.
  2. At Kaer Trolde, the armorer.
  3. Jonas, the innkeeper of Kaer Trolde’s New Port Inn, sells as well as performs.
  4. In Blandare, there is a merchant.

There are 10 additional players in the island’s southern half:

  1. In Arinbjorn, there is a blacksmith.
  2. The innkeeper of Arinbjorn’s inn sells and plays.
  3. In Fayrlund, there is a blacksmith.
  4. In Fayrlund, there is a trader.
  5. On the road north of Palisade, the herbalist is in trouble.
  6. In Fyresdal, there is a merchant.
  7. In Fyresdal, there is a smith.
  8. In Kaer Muire, the smith.
  9. In Kaer Muire, the armorer.
  10. In Holmstein’s Port, there is a merchant.


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Gwent Players & Merchants

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For the game The Witcher, write “Complete Pocket Guide to Locating Gwent Cards – Get that Collect ‘Em All trophy.”

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Gwent is a card game that was created by CD Projekt Red and released in October of 2017. The Complete Pocket Guide to Locating Gwent Cards will help you locate all the cards in the game, so you can get that Collect ’em All trophy. Reference: all gwent cards.

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