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The best way to train magic is to go through the process yourself. There are many different ways of doing this, some more effective than others.

Magic is a game that has been around for many years. With the release of RS3, there are now P2P and F2P options for training magic.

In OSRS, magic is a very valuable skill.

It gave you the power to utilize magic to combat, teleport across the world, and perform a range of utility skills like alchemy and planking. Magic has a plethora of applications!

However, learning magic is a difficult process. Because there are hundreds of spells available to a player.

Others are sluggish and cheap, while others are fast and costly. The greatest method to learn magic is to practice it effectively; otherwise, you’ll waste millions of runes and many hours without making much progress!

So, let’s have a look at some of the finest magic training techniques available in OSRS.


Splashing tenth

Splashing Magic Training Screenshot in OSRS


You may be wondering what the splashing is all about.

This is a technique in which a player casts combat spells on a low-level opponent (usually chickens or rats) but never hits them directly.

Lowering your magic attack bonus to -64 or higher will do the trick.

This is a popular F2P and P2P training technique since you receive a consistent amount of experience and it is completely AFK.

In most cases, the level of experience is very low. However, since you may stay away from your computer for up to 15 minutes at a time, it’s a highly appealing approach.

You only ever gain the basic amount of experience each spell since no harm is done.

Fire Strike has a 13.9k experience rate per hour, Fire Bolt has a 27k experience rate, Fire Blast has a 41.3k experience rate, and Fire Wave has a 50.7k experience rate.

The majority of people choose Fire Strike for this since it only costs 4gp each cast.


9. Air Orbs That Charge

Charging Air Orbs in Old School RuneScape

Starting at level 66 magic, you may charge air orbs – and it’s a fantastic way to earn money and experience at the same time!

At about 36 kilometers per hour, the experience is on the lower side.

However, because profit is about 220k each hour, this is more than made up for in gp.

Which is fantastic in a talent that is often very costly to learn.

Air orbs are charged in the wild, and the only way to get to them is to sprint through the Edgeville dungeon.

Take a set of graceful to travel quickly, as well as a teleport way back to Edgeville (like an amulet of glory).


High Alchemy (number 8)

High Alch Magic Training / OSRS Screenshot

In OSRS, High Alchemy is one of the most popular ways to learn magic.

Because you can utilize hotkeys to help you.

It’s also one of the few techniques that may be lucrative on occasion.

High alchemy is a spell that transforms ordinary things into coins and requires a minimum of level 55 magic to use.

You can alch 1200 things each hour on average, which amounts to 78k experience per hour.

This is a more laid-back approach to magic training. You can talk to your pals and get high altitude at any place you choose.

Many people like watching the battles as they alch, thus the duel arena is a popular location to do so.

Rune goods are now the greatest things for high alch since they offer a reasonable profit margin of a few hundred coins.

While prices fluctuate, I believe the current best choice is the Rune Plate Skirt, which has a profit margin of 474 coins as of this writing.


Teleportation is number seven.

Teleporting Practice Magic Training / OSRS

Teleporting to a single location repeatedly is a popular technique of early magic training, since it is one of the greatest ways to get experience until the High Alchemy spell becomes accessible.

I suggest utilizing the teleport to Falador spell, which is available at level 37 magic for F2P players.

Starting at level 45, I suggest utilizing the teleport to Camelot spell for members.

If you utilize an air staff, you’ll only be able to employ law runes, which will cost you about 170k each hour.

You should receive about 80k experience each hour in exchange, which is great at this level!

At that pace, reaching level 55 magic would only take a few hours.


6. Imbue with Magic

Magic Imbue Bankstanding / OSRS

This is a one-of-a-kind item on the list, since the Magic Imbue spell may be used while performing other things (such as Agility or Runecrafting).

The reason for this is because it may be thrown during downtime while participating in any of those activities.

This is usually done by gamers who wish to learn magic while jogging.

Imbue is also needed for Runecrafing Lava runes since they are a combo spell.

When you use the spell on a regular basis, you’ll get about 20k experience each hour, which is quite amazing given you’re not even concentrating on magic!

To access the Lunar Spellbook, you must have at least level 82 magic and have completed Lunar Diplomacy.


Tan Leather, No. 5

Tan Leather Magic Training / OSRS HD Screenshot

This is another another money-making training technique to add to the list.

Tan leather can only be found on the Lunar Spellbook once the Fremennik Hard diary has been completed.

This spell tans 5 hides each cast automatically and may be used when standing in front of a bank chest.

You can tank around 8000 hides each hour using this technique, for an anticipated experience rate of 130k per hour.

You may tan Blue Dragonhide for a total profit of nearly 800k per hour if you want to earn some money along the road!

However, you’ll need a substantial sum of money to get started… Approximately 15–20m gp!


4. Make a plank

Plank Make Magic Training / OSRS

This spell may be used for a number of purposes.

It may be utilized to get valuable experience per hour, as well as a means of earning money and shortening the building process.

Plank It can convert logs into planks at a rate of 1800–1850 planks per hour.

This translates to a whopping 166k experience every hour if you pay attention!

However, this technique requires a lot of clicking. So, if you just want to “cast and forget,” you may cast once for about 90k experience each hour.

Making Mahogany boards is the greatest method to earn money here.

You should expect to earn about 150k gp each hour, which isn’t bad given you’ll be gaining a lot of experience.


3. Jewellery on a String

String Jewellery Training at Bank / OSRS Screenshot

This is a technique with a lot of expertise that is also reasonably priced.

String Jewellery is a Lunar Spellbook spell that needs level 80 magic to use.

It entails using magic to tie unstrung amulets together.

Unstrung gold amulets are the ideal way to accomplish this since they’re simple to get by and the loss each hour isn’t too bad.

Depending as how rapidly you can bank and replenish your inventory, you may earn between 130k and 160k experience each hour utilizing this technique.

However, I strongly suggest this technique for training since it is also very relaxing and does not need a lot of clicking.


2. Slayer

Slayer Iron Dragon Magic Training / OSRS

Slayer, like other combat stats, is an excellent training choice.

Kraken and exploding Nechryaels are two examples of how magic is utilized.

The advantage of learning magic with Slayer is that it is never boring.

You’re always changing things around, and slayer can be very lucrative.

The Kraken boss, for example, pays out approximately 1 million coins each hour. That’s a lot more money than any of the other magic training methods on the list!

If you can, I strongly suggest slayer since you’ll get slayer experience, which is famously difficult to learn!


1. Monkeys with a Mind of Their Own

Maniacal Monkeys Magic Training in OSRS

The quickest magic experience in OSRS is Maniacal Monkeys.

Kruk’s Dungeon, which is only accessible during the Grandmaster task Monkey Madness II, contains them.

To use this technique, you must finish the quest up until the dungeon is opened.

The technique is collecting all of the dungeon’s Maniacal Monkeys into a 33-box and ice-bursting or barraging them while praying for melee protection.

You can earn 300k+ experience each hour by bursting, and about 400k experience by barraging!

In the end, this is by far the quickest magic experience in the game.

For the best possible experience, I suggest wearing high-end gear such as ancestral with an occult and a magic arena 2 cape.

A Kodai wand is also a great choice since it gives you an endless supply of water runes, which are required for burst and barrage spells.

The abyss magic training rs3 is a game that has both free to play and pay to win elements. It’s the best ways to train magic in this game.

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