Happy ThanksGaming 2021 – PS5

Game developer Sucker Punch has announced plans to use the power of the PlayStation 5’s new engine, named Encore, to create a brand-new game in 2019 – and it sounds like they’re already working on it. The company confirmed an open world action game with RPG elements is currently in development for release sometime after 2021.

The “top ps5 games announced” is a list of the top 5 PlayStation 5 games that have been announced to date. The list includes God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, Days Gone and Death Stranding.

Happy ThanksGaming 2021 - PS5

Here we are once again! Thanksgiving is here, and the rest of the holidays are just around the corner! But, before we get out the Christmas decorations, the menorah, or whatever it is that someone could be commemorating, if at all (all of the above allusions are intended in that order), we must first celebrate ThanksGaming! That’s correct! Thanksgiving has spawned a new holiday called ThanksGaming. Because not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and we have a global audience, it’s a better bet to make your own holiday parody and roll with it instead of competing! With that stated, let’s get to the things for which we should be grateful this year!


To begin, let me state unequivocally that I am thankful for video games! Not only would I not be writing this essay and getting to experience this career if it weren’t for video games, but I would also have had a lot of incredibly uninteresting times in my life. Video games have undoubtedly aided me in staying out of trouble, passing the time, making friends, and, of course, accomplishing the seemingly impossible! 


Happy-ThanksGaming-2021-PS5This one may not sit well with everyone, but it has to be stated… PlayStation 5 is here! My PS5 has been a lifesaver for me! Not just because they’re hard to come by, but also because it’s an incredible system that has barely scratched the surface of what it can achieve! The controller, the three-dimensional sounds, and the lightning-quick loading speed! The machine is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new capabilities are introduced in the future!


Capabilities on the internet! I know there’s a generation that doesn’t comprehend what I’m talking about right now, but there was a period when multiplayer games didn’t exist. It wasn’t always easy for consoles to connect to the internet when they first launched. It was excruciating at times. Slow speeds, stalling, and being disconnected from the servers are all common occurrences. This may seem familiar, but when it comes to online gaming, we have it pretty well these days. Don’t be grumpy about it; instead, be grateful. Do you get it? 


Xbox Gamepass Ultimate is absolutely going on my list! What does this have to do with a PlayStation news outlet? Because of Microsoft’s great bargain on Gamepass and all it has to offer, Sony is working on its own version of Gamepass. Gamepass Ultimate is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the best, gaming subscription services available. While I’m not sure what they’ll add to their Gamepass, I’m sure it’ll be anything that can compete with Xbox. Time will tell, but it is unquestionably on the way, so thank you, Microsoft! 


Happy-ThanksGaming-2021-PS5Sales for the holidays! What are you talking about?! The holiday bargains are fantastic! This time of year, particularly on Black Friday, a lot of games and gadgets are on sale! While not all titles will be available for purchase, many will. Right now, Call of Duty Vanguard is on sale for $39.99! Death Loop was on sale for $24.99 at certain stores, and I saw it for a lot more! Take advantage of the discounts while they last, but keep in mind that many of these specials will reoccur throughout the month, so if you miss one, another will most likely surface!


Gamer’s Community! Yes, I’m grateful for the gaming community and all of the poisonous trolls that lurk in their parents’ basements online! Although there are many positive gamers, they are outweighed by the trolls. Trolls are significant in and of themselves, since they help the good gamers shine a bit brighter! Not to mention the trolls that are out there causing a lot of laughter. Listening to them rant during a game or hearing some of the humorous stuff that comes out of their lips are both entertaining. I don’t understand their point of view since I’m there to have a good time, but they really know how to make me laugh, and I love it! Thank you very much, A-Holes! You guys are the greatest at being the worst, and I appreciate it so much!


What games or accessories are you grateful for this year? Please let us know in the comments section! And thank you for coming to ThanksGaming this year! I’ll see you online, as always!


If you’re looking for an inexpensive TV with current features, Vizio is likely to be the first brand you come across. These TVs have been more popular in recent years as a result of their innovations, image quality, and low prices.

However, before you invest your money, you should find out who produces Vizio TVs and if they are worth purchasing.

Is Vizio a firm based in the United States?

Yes. It is a US-based corporation with a unique business approach. Vizio produces its goods in Asia, despite having a substantial market in North America.

The firm follows Apple’s practice of developing TVs in the United States while outsourcing manufacture to OEMs.

Who manufactures Vizio televisions?

Vizio, unlike its big rivals Samsung and Sony, does not manufacture its own televisions.

While Vizio collaborates with a variety of OEMs, AmTran Technology designs and manufactures the majority of its products. The Taiwanese firm operates mostly in Asia, where manufacturing costs are cheaper than in North America.

A Vizio smart TV is less expensive owing to components availability in Asia, in addition to reduced labor expenses. Vizio offers superior TVs with updated screens and cutting-edge features without making them pricey because of these two criteria.

Is Vizio a Sony product?

People generally link Vizio with Sony because of the consistent quality.

Despite having similar looks, Sony does not manufacture Vizio televisions, particularly high-end televisions.

Series on Vizio

Vizio Televisions

Vizio offers five distinct product lines. Each has its own target market and, as a result, various characteristics.

The D series, for example, is a low-cost alternative featuring 4K Ultra HD panels. However, the visual quality is poor, and the program sometimes lags.

The E series, on the other hand, is a low-cost choice with better software that functions effortlessly.

Vizio now offers the M, S, and P series, in addition to the affordable alternatives. They have introduced features in addition to lower prices. Vizio also makes TVs with OLED panels in the P series.

Do Vizio TVs have a long lifespan?

The longevity of a TV, like that of other LED and LCD devices, is determined by a variety of variables. Vizio TVs will last virtually as long as comparable high-end TVs in optimal conditions.

These TVs employ components that are comparable to those used by other manufacturers.

Is Vizio a reputable television manufacturer?

The notion of a good television brand has evolved throughout time.

While the D and E series make certain sacrifices, particularly in terms of display and software, the P, S, and M series elevate Vizio to the forefront of television design. Taking these considerations into account, Vizio is unquestionably a fantastic television brand.

The following are some of the important qualities that make Vizio an excellent television brand:

1. Improved visuals

The major reason Vizio is one of the most popular TV brands is because of its superior displays. While image quality is a matter of personal choice, the company has made significant progress in improving picture quality.

Vizio’s high-end TV series now includes OLED panels in addition to LED and LCD screens. Vizio is a wonderful brand because of the improvement in screen technology with little price adjustments.

2. Connection ports and operating system

Vizio is a great brand for most customers due to the availability of additional connection ports and cheap cost.

While other manufactures have limited the number of ports to accommodate cable management, Vizio eliminates the need for dongles and adapters.

The five Vizio TV series are worth checking out thanks to SmartCast OS. You may now traverse genres more quickly and, more crucially, designate select channels as favorites in the new edition.

Which firm manufactures superior televisions: Vizio or Samsung?

When compared to five years ago, Samsung and Vizio have a lot in common, particularly when it comes to display quality. Both firms offer televisions with greater refresh rates and improved color science.

Is Vizio better than Samsung apart from these similarities? Yes, as compared to Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs offer more ports. Vizio TVs are also cost-effective, with little sacrifices in terms of display and TV size.

In addition, the new Vizio TVs have SmartCast OS and LED, LCD, or OLED panels.


Thanks to improved image quality and many connection options, Vizio has blurred the distinction between costly and affordable TVs.

The firm is also expanding its market, having just entered the flagship market category with its new range of OLED televisions.



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The “best online ps5 games” is a video game that has been released in 2021. The game was created by the company called Happy ThanksGaming, which is a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game features a wide range of different games for people to play.

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