Jon Jones Recent Arrest Details Emerge and It’s Not a Pretty Picture

Jon Jones is the most recent example of the dangers of gaming addiction. His arrest has brought up a lot of questions about how to prevent and treat this type of addiction among gamers.

Jon Jones recent arrest details emerge and it’s not a pretty picture. The UFC fighter was charged with driving while intoxicated, hit and run, and resisting arrest.

Details of Jon Jones’s recent arrest have surfaced, and it’s not a pretty picture.



The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Jon Jones has been arrested for the fifth time since 2012, and the third time in the last three years. He’s had 10 bouts since then, so if he can maintain his 2:1 fight-to-arrest ratio, he’ll be in the Hall of Fame for more than just the first fight versus Alexander Gustafsson!

Battery, domestic violence, and injuring or interfering with a vehicle are among the charges in the most recent arrest, which happened in the early morning hours of Friday, September 28th. (That, in and of itself, is a fascinating tale.)

Soon after 5 a.m., Las Vegas Metro Police responded to a “domestic disturbance” complaint in a hotel room where Jones was discovered with a lady who was bleeding from her nose and mouth and had dried blood on her clothing. After Jones’ fiancée, mother, and three children walked down to the lobby at 4:30 a.m. to seek another room key, hotel security saw blood and contacted the cops. When she inquired about her fiancée, Jesse, she started to weep and “said she was afraid to return to her room.” According to the security officer, the call was made at the request of the youngest kid.

The incident “involved a white female who was ‘bleeding from her nose/mouth’ and a ‘black male adult who is a professional MMA fighter,’” according to the police report. (Because this was the weekend of UFC’s International Fight Week, that explanation is very useful.) When the police arrived and spotted “Bones” strolling near the hotel, they stopped him and took him into custody. Here’s where the good times start.

Jones got angry immediately (as one would anticipate) and “smashed his head on the front hood of the LVMPD police vehicle,” denting the hood and peeling the paint. Given the seriousness of the situation, that’s some much-needed levity.

After being detained, his emotions varied from wanting to sue the world for this injustice “on the biggest night of his life” (strange, particularly because your kids were there) to laughing about wanting to fight all the police at once. One of the policemen who knew Jon’s profession threatened him with a taser if he continued up the act, knowing that the police training wouldn’t be enough to stop the two-time light heavyweight champion.

Jesse was questioned about the events that led to the police becoming involved after the antics subsided, and her version was that she was asleep when Jon returned to the hotel room and that he was in a bad mood. When asked whether he had been harsh with her, he was quoted as saying, “Not too physical, but a little bit, yes.” He allegedly grabbed the back of her head and yanked her hair to keep her from leaving the room, but she claims he did not strike her. Police saw a swollen, bleeding lip and a mark on her face, as they do in similar circumstances. When she returned to the hotel room, she saw more blood on her sweatshirt and the bedsheets.

Jones was freed on $8,000 bond with an October 26th court appearance after no photographic evidence or spoken testimony was allowed.

Jones vowed to make significant changes in his life (heard that before?) in an Instagram story earlier this evening, and it begins with giving up alcohol. “I have much too much trauma to drink alcohol; my brain can no longer take it; now is the time to work harder than ever,” Jon stated during training, vowing to return stronger than before. So, I suppose the threats to quit the UFC in August because to financial issues are over?

When questioned about the story, Dana White stated he’s no longer surprised when things like this happen in Las Vegas with Jon, and that he has a lot of problems. He would not penalize Jones any further until the case was resolved in court, as a decent employer should (and as was the case for a long time, until the #MeToo movement killed due process). It’s difficult to see this proceeding any farther than the October court date without the fiancée’s assistance in this case.

The next several hours will be crucial. That’s a lot of time to make significant life changes, but it’s also a lot of time to fall back into old habits and wreck another vehicle or two. Jon Jones is the greatest boxer in the world when he is on his game. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that on a regular basis, so here’s hoping the fifth time is the trick and he can finally put his demons to rest.

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