Souls-Like Game Lies of P Gets a Gameplay Trailer

A game that is set in the world of LARPing, with a dark and gritty storyline. The gameplay trailer shows off some intense action sequences and how to use items found around the environments.

“Lies of P” is a game that takes place in the world of “Souls-Like Game.” It has been released on Steam. The gameplay trailer showcases some of the mechanics, combat, and other aspects of the game. Read more in detail here: lies of p game.

Round 8 Studio (photo)

Round 8 Studio has published a new trailer for Lies of P, a game that combines aspects of Souls-like games and Pinocchio. On a journey to preserve the city of Krat, players take on the role of a renowned puppet who desires to become human. Pinocchio and his different foes have a steampunk look with a Tim Burton-like visual style. The battle scenes have been compared to Bloodborne by some. It is scheduled for release on consoles and computers in 2023.

This is Lies of P, a fresh new Souls-like Action RPG based on Carlo Collodi’s legendary Italian tale. Built from the ground up for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X platforms using Unreal Engine 4, Lies of P depicts the tale of Pinocchio as you’ve never seen it before. As Pinocchio, you must explore a dismal Belle Epoque world in which civilization has perished. The once-beautiful city of Krat has devolved into a living nightmare, and you must track down the fabled Mr. Geppetto to figure out what happened to you and the rest of the world.


You will thread your way through the streets of a devastated metropolis as the puppet mechanoid Pinocchio, building weapons from the materials you discover in the environment and interacting with the few survivors in this pre-industrial hellscape. You grow more human the more you lie, with all the benefits and drawbacks it involves. The RPG components in Lies of P are rounded out with a fully developed crafting system, substantial narrative choices, and completely configurable character advancement.

Round 8 Studio (photo)


NEOWIZ (through DSOG), Steam, and IGN are among the sources.

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The “lies of p gameplay” is a video that shows off the game’s combat system. The trailer also includes a release date, which is set to be released on April 27th.

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