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Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game developed by Lee Un-Huang, published and distributed in Japan by Aniplex. The game was released on Android and iOS devices in July 2016. Fate/ Grand Order has over 9 million registered users worldwide since the release of its English version on December 2017.,

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a mobile RPG with over 200,000 daily users that has been growing in popularity since its release. It takes place during the Fifth Holy Grail War and players take on the role of one of seven magi who do battle for control of the world. This article will be talking about some of their most entertaining animations which serve as an opportunity to earn more FATEs when you watch them! The list below features 10 top-ranked options from best to worst: 1st: Scramble Fate x Aiya | 2nd: Okita Souji VS Lancelot | 3rd: Gudao VS Arthur Pendragon

The “fate/grand order waifu tier list” is a ranking of the top 10 best NP animations in Fate/Grand Order. The rankings are based on damage, cooldown, and animation quality.

In a world where you can speed up gameplay, auto-run missions, and turn off skill animations to speed up the farming process, FGO stands (maybe a bit too) proud in rejecting these contemporary developments.

The animations in NP are rather lengthy.

Some of them take a long time to complete. They may also be bothersome if you’re simply interested in farming.

To overcome this, FGO determined that instead of enabling players to skip through them, they needed to be so fascinating that they would never get old!

We’ll be looking at some of the greatest NP animations in the game right now.


Hassan, the tenth (Assassin)

Let’s start with King Hassan and his (possibly) single-shot NP.

As King Hassan moves closer to his opponent, he disappears and reappears in an instant.

Then, as he slowly lowers his blade, the irritating “miss” text prompt appears on your screen.

Despite how difficult it is to land “Death” as a debuff, King Hassan’s NP is hauntingly beautiful to see unfold.

The gloomy undertones in the start, contrasted with the brilliant lights and flocking birds towards the conclusion, work nicely together.


Kama (nine) (Assassin)

Fate/Grand Order Kama (Assassin) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Depending on whose form you leave Kama in, she has two different NP animations.

The NP animation is quite poor if you pick Kama’s first or second ascension.

Before unleashing a torrent of harm, many clones of herself slowly surround the victim.

Kama’s third animation, on the other hand, more than makes up for whatever reservations you may have had about her. As many shockwaves slam into the opponent, causing massive single-target damage, the victim is reduced to a speck and placed into Kama’s arm.


Beni-Enma (number 8) (Saber)

Fate/Grand Order Beni-Enma (Saber) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Finally, NPs are vehicles via which our slaves may inflict massive quantities of harm (or support).

Isn’t there an NP that’s a bit more… enjoyable in the midst of all this conflict and violence?

Look no farther than Beni-Enma, everyone’s favorite birb!

At a lovely meeting with some of her fellow bird companions, Beni-Enma releases an assortment of bird spirits from a mysterious box after gently sheathing her sword.

If that’s not healthy, we don’t know what is!


7. Yagyu beef (Saber)

Fate/Grand Order Yagyu (Saber) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Perhaps Yagyu’s NP isn’t as dazzling as some of the others on this list.

It’s also not a unique idea, and it’s maybe a touch cliched.

A cliché, on the other hand, is a cliché for a reason.

And every now and again, the monochromatic samurai gently sheathing his blade while the enemy bursts behind him works!

Yagyu’s NP is one of the game’s few more subtle animations, and it fits the elderly veteran nicely.


6. Fujino Asagami (Archer)

Fate/Grand Order Asagami Fujino (Archer) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Fujino is a special cooperation unit with very restricted availability.

She was formerly thought to be the rarest servant in the game, having only earned one rating raise since her first release!

Fortunately, she’ll be returning to NA soon (as of this writing), so save your Saint Quartz for her awesome NP animation.

Fujino’s NP animation gets off to a slow start.

Fujino is shown in some type of inner suffering as the scene rapidly shifts to a bridge being broken in half!

Fujino’s NP is one of the few NP animations set in a real-world setting, and it’s so beautiful to see in action that we urge everyone own at least one copy!


5. Ishtar of Space (Avenger)

Fate/Grand Order Space Ishtar (Avenger) Noble Phantasm screenshot

The NP of Space Ishtar takes you on a cosmic adventure with her.

Before arriving at the gigantic goddess Astarte, we rapidly fly past the stars.

Space Ishtar then launches a powerful laser beam that does AOE damage to all opponents after powering up her fingers.

Not only does Space Ishtar have (perhaps) the finest NP for farming in the game, but it also doesn’t look half bad.

If you’re planning to watch it on repeat while looping, this is quite useful. If we have to hear “Enfer Château d’If” just one more time!


Katsushika Hokusai (Katsushika Hokusai) (Foreigner)

Fate/Grand Order Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Hokusai’s NP is heavily influenced by her real-life inspiration.

Hokusai rushes her opponent, holding a powerful paintbrush, and hits her with multiple quick blows that do AOE damage.

What makes the NP animation so fascinating is that Hokusai paints The Great Wave off Kanagawa with each stroke of her brush (originally painted by Hokusai himself).

This NP animation is beautifully styled and pays homage to the character’s historical origins.


Musashi Miyamoto, Summer (Berserker)

Fate/Grand Order Summer Musashi Miyamoto (Berserker) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Musashi is a relatively recent servant who has undergone Delight Works’ unique two NP animations treatment.

Musashi’s NP is fantastic in her last climb.

As she raises her blades to the skies, she creates a deluge of waves before breaking through them to inflict obscene damage… Sure, it’s fantastic.

However, one specific jetski speech line delivered fully in English is what elevates Musashi’s NP to the next level.

We present to you, ladies and gentlemen:

“KENGOU BATTOU, let’s go!” Oh, sure! Sexy~! Musashi Miyamoto is my name!”


Bradamante is number two (Lancer)

Fate/Grand Order Bradamante (Lancer) Noble Phantasm screenshot

At some point, Bradamante has to make an appearance on this list. However, if it offends you, this entry will be considered an honorable mention instead.

Bradamante is an assassin who… *sigh*

She possesses a lot of AOE NP damage, which enables her to…*sigh*

Look, we all know why Bradamante is on this list, and it has nothing to do with her dazzlingly distinctive NP animation!

Do yourself a favor and skip ahead for those who aren’t aware.

However, for those who are aware, let us be the first to applaud curious and sophisticated admirers like yourselves.


Jason is number one (Saber)

Fate/Grand Order Jason (Saber) Noble Phantasm screenshot

Who’d have guessed a One-Star servant would be at the top of the list?

Jason’s NP is just too amusing to be left out!

During his NP animation, Jason is partnered up with the other Argonauts, and he must escape Medea’s magical blasts, Atalante’s arrows, and Heracles’ gigantic sword!

It’s a lot of fun to watch Jason pussyfoot around these strikes that are intended to be focused at the adversary. It also demonstrates that not all NPs must be taken seriously.

The “fgo waifu tier list maker” is a tool that allows players to rank the top 10 best np animations in Fate/Grand Order. The ranking is based on an individual’s opinion and does not take into account the story of the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the rarest servant in Fgo?

A: It would be a tie between King Hassan and Elaine.

What does NP level do Fgo?

A: NP level is a players power in the game. It increases as players do things like defeating enemies, completing quests, and leveling up their characters.

How do I increase my NP in Fgo?

A: The best ways to increase your NP in FGO are by clearing G-Rank content, completing quests and achievements.

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