Kathleen Kennedy’s Contract Extended to 2024, More Directors Lost to “Creative Differences”

Kathleen Kennedy has been a leading figure in Hollywood for decades. She is the producer behind some of the biggest franchises, including Star Wars and Jurassic Park. But she recently lost her contract with Disney, which still owns Lucasfilm-the company that makes all of those movies-, to “creative differences.” Experts say this could be indicative of how companies are looking at government contracts moving forward as new opportunities arise

Kathleen Kennedy’s contract was extended to 2024, and more directors were lost to “creative differences”. Read more in detail here: kathleen kennedy news.

Kathleen Kennedy’s contract has been extended until 2024, although more directors have been fired due to “creative differences.”


Kathleen Kennedy’s contract has been extended another again, according to Collider, ensuring her position as CEO of Lucasfilm until 2024. At Disney+ Day, which was noticeably light on Star Wars announcements and releases, no mention was made of Kennedy’s future with the business. Similarly, reports are circulating that Patty Jenkins’ planned Rogue Squadron film has been scrapped rather than just postponed. If the allegations are genuine, the agreement fell through due to creative differences rather than Jenkins’ busy schedule, as previously indicated. Finally, more light is cast on Rian Johnson’s long-awaited trilogy, about which we never hear anything: more creative disagreements. 

Kennedy Contract Extended

At this point, I don’t believe any of this is really unexpected. Kathleen Kennedy’s contract renewal has yet to be verified by Disney and Lucasfilm, as has the “true” reason for the cancellation of Rogue Squadron and the Johnson trilogy. However, the claims are entirely consistent with Lucasfilm’s strategy, and this is exactly the kind of terrible news we expect to hear from them these days. If they were going to elect a new president, he or she would have been named or at the very least featured in a more prominent role by now. While I find it strange to discreetly prolong a contract as if it were a sin, it makes sense in this circumstance. Kathleen has put Disney and Lucasfilm in an awkward situation, albeit one that they have created for themselves. It’s not going to look good if they let her leave. Some would undoubtedly argue that misogyny is holding successful women back. However, holding a huge ceremony to announce that she’ll be remaining for another three years wouldn’t be the best choice. Regardless of gender or anything else, the majority of her true admirers are dissatisfied with her work. Bringing the problem to the public’s notice in any manner will just add to the fanbase controversy, which I suppose they’re trying to avoid. 

Kennedy Contract Extended

Whatever you think of Kathleen Kennedy or Disney Star Wars, the hidden destiny of the announced films isn’t a good look. Rogue Squadron was just announced a year ago, yet it’s already in risk. It’s understandable that this occurred due to the normal behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Trying to argue that Jenkins was just unaware of how many films she was filming and when was bizarre and made everyone involved appear foolish. I don’t believe anybody is very concerned about Rian Johnson’s trilogy; it’s simply another example of Lucasfilm’s ineptness. Why can’t Kathleen and the filmmakers agree on the screenplay before signing a contract and announcing the project in a big, glamorous way? Isn’t it detrimental to hire your first female filmmaker just to let her go less than a year into pre-production due to “creative differences”? That seems more humiliating than if they had never hired her in the first place. I hope Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm would give these creators more leeway. I still believe that Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s version of Solo would have been substantially better, or at least more intriguing, than what we got. 

Kathleen Kennedy’s contract has been extended to 2024. This is a result of creative differences between Kathleen and the other directors. Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas in 2012 for 4 billion dollars. Reference: when did disney buy star wars.

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