REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms – Episode 7, “The Lady, or the Tigress?”

This episode has a lot of action and intense moments for the protagonists. The show continues to be entertaining and exciting, and I hope it never stops.

The “young justice phantoms” is a superhero television series that was first released on the Cartoon Network. The show has an ensemble cast of teenage superheroes and villains, who fight for truth and justice in a world where the line between good and evil is blurred.

Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms – Episode 7, “The Lady, or the Tigress?” REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms – Episode 7, “The Lady, or the Tigress?”

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M’gann attacks M’comm, accusing him of Conner’s murder, in “The Lady, or the Tigress?” M’gann realizes that he didn’t kill Conner when he offers to open his mind, and M’comm doesn’t even know what kryptonite is. In the meanwhile, Cassandra gives herself up once again in return for Orphan. They will all work together to rescue Orphan, Artemis says again. Barbara assures Artemis through communications that the whole Bat-family would assist if required. Lady Shiva, on the other hand, displays her dissatisfaction with Orphan. Shiva shows her daughter a video Joker gave Vandal Savage announcing his planned assault on the United Nations in flashbacks. M’gann says her goodbyes to her parents, and Em’ree chooses to accompany her to Earth. Artemis’ squad enters after Barbara turns off the electricity to the Santa Prisca facility. M’gann’s parents are heartbroken by the loss of their daughters. Cassandra discloses that her arm is still attached to her body and that she is the mole. Barbara comes upon Orphan. In a flashback, in an effort to take out the Joker, Orphan unintentionally cuts Barbara’s back, paralyzing her. Cassandra and the Shadows attack Tigress and Onyx, but Cheshire comes and knocks out a few of them. 

Young Justice Lady or Tigress

“The Lady, or the Tigress?” is the first episode of Season 4 to meaningfully examine both primary stories, with M’gann returning to Earth while Tigress falls into a trap. Because it focuses only on the primary people, rather than the Royal Family and Mars’ racism issue, this is the most I’ve appreciated the plot on Mars. Although these plot aspects haven’t been horrible, Young Justice’s analysis of racism has been cursory and unoriginal thus far. Prince J’emm and S’yraa S’mitt’s failed romance came the closest to conveying anything meaningful. Even that plot line won’t go very far until we see more of them in the future. I’m not making any assumptions since we’re just halfway through a 26-episode season. 

Young Justice Lady or Tigress

We haven’t gotten to know Em’ree and her parents well enough to be engaged in them, in my opinion. M’gann’s hatred of Em’ree’s treatment of her and M’comm, which I believe is the most well-realized aspect of the family’s dysfunction, piques my attention. M’gann’s thoughts toward Em’ree reflect M’comm’s feelings of abandonment by M’gann, which seems extremely genuine and honest. Families are difficult, and there are sometimes several “bad guys.” A person might be a victim of one family member while yet causing serious damage to another. Of course, there’s Em’ree, who regrets her decisions and points out that she was a kid at the time and behaved mostly for self-preservation. The inference is that M’gann, M’comm, and Em’ree’s parents are to fault for failing to educate their children about Mars’ racial split and raising them to be unified. In principle, I enjoy everything about it. The issue is that we know very little about the parents. They’ve featured a few times in Phantoms, but only as M’gann’s cheerful, supporting parents in preparation for the wedding, and now as devastated parents as two of their daughters depart Mars. It would be good to get to know these folks better as individuals and to see (rather than hear) what happened to split this family apart. I suppose we’ll get this with Em’ree on Earth, but I’m not sure how much more of the parents we’ll see. I’m excited to learn more about Em’ree and see her relationship with M’gann develop. It seems unusual to me to create such complicated family relationships, blame M’gann and her siblings’ upbringing, and then not reveal what they did (or didn’t do) wrong. 

Young Justice Lady or Tigress

“The Lady, or the Tigress?Santa “‘s Prisca segment, on the other hand, is one of my favorites. This is by far the strongest usage of flashbacks in Phantoms so far, owing to the fact that these prior experiences enrich the character and move the plot. It isn’t old information that has been reused for fresh episodes. I adore Oracle’s new handicap history, and these sequences fit in well with the present timeframe. Brent Spiner’s Joker also makes an appearance in this episode. When I initially saw the earlier seasons of Young Justice, I thought this casting decision was weird, but he’s terrific in the part, and his performance is growing on me. I’m curious as to why Artemis/Tigress refused Batman’s and his sidekicks’ offer of assistance in infiltrating Santa Prisca. As Barbara said, Orphan is one of their own, and even with Cheshire’s arrival, Artemis’ tiny crew is swiftly overrun. If Artemis just wants to follow Lady Shiva’s instructions, she’s making a fool of herself, given that the others aren’t likely to do so. When Artemis and her two possible moles are expressly challenged to attend, creeping up on the Shadows isn’t an option. 

Young Justice Lady or Tigress

Regarding Cassandra Savage’s disclosure, I must confess that they had me fooled. Onyx might still be a plant, as Artemis claims, but I was hoping Cassandra was the real deal. Pretending to be unhappy over your deceased sibling in order to get sympathy is quite low. I’m amazed Artemis didn’t think Cassandra’s missing arm was a trick, given that she did the same thing in Invasion to hide in plain sight. However, it never occurred to me that the arm injury was a fabrication, just that her account of how it occurred was false. The mood and increasing suspense throughout “The Lady, or the Tigress?” are the greatest parts of the episode. Narratively, philosophically, and artistically, everything comes together in a pleasing manner. Artemis’ readings from The Lady or the Tiger? fit very well with the events of the episode. Her efforts to teach Onyx and Cassandra the team’s exclusive lingo were amusing. 

“The Lady, or the Tigress?” is a fantastic episode in a season that continues to improve. This episode’s animation, language, character interactions, and overall ambience are all fantastic. I’m still hoping (maybe incorrectly) for the news that Conner isn’t dead, but the season so far has left me underwhelmed. 

Plot – 9
Acting – 9 points
9 – Progression
9 – Production Design
Drama – 9



“The Lady, or the Tigress?” is a fantastic episode in a season that continues to improve.

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